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Hi and welcome =)

I would say columns first is more a CF than Roux, like Waterman you add some edges while solving corners, that is how I started and that is also how Roux did when he created his method.

// Kenneth 06:22, 15 December 2010 (EST)

Hehe, fine, but is rather the last steps that are the same. If you start from corners first (any 2x2x2 method) you can then add the edges for the E slice as the next comming step and you have the columns, not a bit like Roux =)

Another way is to just orient the pairs into random slots and then use EG preserving the pairs for columns (Ortega does the same in 3 looks), you can't use EG for Roux.

Edit: you may think of my columns method (PCMS that is more like Roux than most other ways) as the only columns method but as you can see columns is a group of many diffrent methods. I think I will edit that article so it is more clear it is like so. later...

I hope I did not scare you of from here? you did nothing wrong, just added what you knew was the fact. I'm only writing here to explain, to help you understand =)