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TEG-D (2x2x2) method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): ??
Proposed: ??
Alt Names: none
Variants: EG-2


No. Steps: 2
No. Algs: 86
Avg Moves:


  1. Solve an EG-2 layer (one corner has to be twisted in place)
  2. Solve the rest


  • Can easily be 1-looked in almost all cases fairly easily.
  • Lots of cancellations can be formed between the layer and the algorithm
  • Building an EG-2 layer with a twisted corner is much shorter than building a full layer
  • Can have ridiculously easy solves


  • It is not generally recommended to use TEG-2 as a stand alone method
  • Beginners may find it difficult to 1-look solves and take advantage of the cancellations
  • Approximately 2 Times more algorithms than CLL, EG-1 or EG-2

Example solves

  1. F U' R2 F2 U2 R' F' U2 F'
    • x2 y' R' U' R' (Layer) U' F U2 R' U' F R2 U2 R' F (Alg) U (AUF)
  2. R U2 R' F R' F U2 R' U'
    • z U2 F (Layer) U' F' R' U' R' U2 R' F R2 (Alg) U' (AUF)
  3. F R2 F U' R F2 U R' U'
    • x' y' R' (Cancelling moves instead of doing R for layer, because the alg starts with R2) F U' F R' F2 R U R' F (Alg) U2 (AUF)
  4. R' F U2 R2 U2 R U R2 U2
    • x (Cancelling instantly into an alg instead of doing U R2 for layer, because the alg starts with U R2) F2 R2 F' R' F R2 U2 R'
  5. F2 U2 F U2 R F' U' F' U
    • x2 y U' F' (Layer) U R2 F2 R' U' R2 F R F' (Alg) U2 (AUF)
  6. U R' U' F R2 U' F U2 R
    • x2 z' y F U F (Layer) U' R U' R2 F2 R2 F' U F' (Alg)
  7. R2 F2 R U F2 U R F2 U'
    • x z2 y F U' F' (Layer) U2 R' U' R' F2 R' U R' F2 (Alg)

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