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Platform method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Riccardo Munaro
Proposed: 2022
Alt Names: Platform Method
Variants: Line
No. Steps: 4 (Cross, F2L, Build 1x1x3 block, Solve 1x1x3 block)
No. Algs: Total: 96
Avg Moves: ~60

Scramble 04.jpg

Scrambled cube -> Cross -> F2L -> Build 1x1x3 block -> Solve 1x1x3 block -> Solved cube

CFPlatform is the used speedsolving method for the 3x3x3 cube to Riccardo Munaro.

Mini maru.jpg

CFPlatform (Cross, F2L, 1x1x3 block, Solve cases Line, is a 3x3 speedsolving variant of CFOP. It is also known as the Platform


CFPlatform can be viewed as an advanced version of a Layer-By-Layer method. It takes the same steps, but combines some of them, solving more of the cube at once.

Cross Cross
F2L F2L (First Two Layers)
Flippedline.gif (build 1x1x3 block of the Last Layer)

In this step, the goal is to make the two angle red yellow and edge red yellow. There are 50 algorithms to learn for this step

Visualcube (1).gif (Permutation and oriented five pieces of the Last Layer)

There are 71 algorithms to learn for this step

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