Partial edge control

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Partial edge control
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Previous state: F2L-1+pair cube state
Next state: non-dot OLL cube state

F2L-1+pair cube state -> Partial edge control step -> non-dot OLL cube state

The Partial edge control step is the step between the F2L-1+pair cube state and the non-dot OLL cube state.

Partial edge control is an extension to F2L. It orients the LL edges during F2L, most often during the last pair, by careful selection of F2L block insertion algorithms. As an example, perform F R' F' R on a 3x3. If you insert the pair with U R U' R', two LL edges are misorientated. If you instead insert it with R' F R F' (also known as the sledgehammer), all the edges are orientated. You can use this to avoid the dot OLL cases.

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