Proposer(s): Rowan Kinneavy
Proposed: 2012
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 54
Avg Moves: ~13.25 HTM
Previous state: Third F2L pair
Next state: PLL

Third F2L pair -> OLS-FE step -> PLL

The OLS-FE step is the step between the Third F2L pair and the PLL.

OLS-FE, short for Orientation of the Last Layer Flipped Edge, is an OLS subset, proposed by Rowan Kinneavy on 18 April 2012, that solves the last F2L pair and OLL simultaneously when the last F2L pair has a flipped edge after being inserted into its F2L slot. It is split into two parts with 27 algorithms each: 1FE and 3FE. 1FE consists of cases where one edge is flipped in the last layer while 3FE consists of cases where three edges are flipped in the last layer.

OLS-FE can be an add-on to the CFOP method and save about 3 moves. While saving 3 moves isn't much, the look ahead that is saved from it is what makes it a good subset to learn.

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