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Proposer(s): Sébastien Felix
Proposed: 2007
Alt Names:
Subgroup: F2L
No. Algs: unknown
Avg Moves: unknown
Purpose(s): * Speedsolving
Previous state: Cross cube state
Next state: F2L cube state
VisualCube 3 Egell.png

Cross cube state -> Multislotting step -> F2L cube state

The Multislotting step is the step between the Cross cube state and the F2L cube state.

F2L higlight.jpg

Multislotting is an extension to F2L that solves two corner-edge pairs at once, or more accurately, modifies the insertion for the first pair to set up the second. Multislotting was first proposed and systematically explored by Sébastien Felix in 2007.

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