List of World Records/Old Multi

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This is a list of all WCA World Records for the Multi-BLD event (before the time limit was introduced), with links to videos, discussion threads, and reconstructions when possible. These results have since been removed, so they cannot easily be found on the WCA website.

Result Name Country Competition Result Details Videos Discussion Puzzle Brand Reconstruction
24/24 Tim Habermaas Germany German Open 2008 2:15:57 [1]
10/10 Dennis Strehlau Germany Belgian Open 2008 1:36:39
6/6 Rafał Guzewicz Poland World Championship 2007 47:58 [2]
5/5 Clément Gallet France Italian Open 2007 54:25
5/5 Constantin Ceausu Romania Dutch Open 2006 1:00:00
5/5 Stefan Pochmann Germany Euro 2006 1:07:15