Josef Jelínek

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Josef Jelínek
Josef Jelínek
Background Information
Country: Czech Republic
Years Active: 2000-2007
WCA ID: 2004JELI01
Claim to Fame: ACube, Waterman documentation

Josef Jelínek is a Czech cuber best known for ACube and documentation of the Waterman Method. He also proposed the Ortega Method (independently from Victor Ortega). He was one of the Czech Republic's top cubers in the early 2000s setting many national records in the period from 2004-7. His one world record was for Rubik's Magic at the Polish Open 2005.

Website and Software

He created his website,, as a resource to show many different ways to solve the Cube, especially as most websites up to that point only concentrated on Layer by layer methods. His website has always had a strong focus on Corners First solutions. In December 2001 he added Victor Ortega's Corners-first method (as a solution for 3x3x3 cubes) to his website.[1] Although based on Minh Thai's The Winning Solution (1982) it got picked-up by 2x2 solvers and became known as the Ortega Method. Jelínek himself had already outlined a Corners-first approach comparable to the Ortega Method.[2]

In August 2004 he contacted Marc Waterman asking for details about the Waterman Method, which was not widely available at that time.[3] Jelínek became a proponent of the method, and his website became the principal source of information about it.

He also created ACube, a popular command-line based cube solver used to find or optimize many algorithms, as well as a popular Java applet for cube animations.

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