From Wiki, short for "algorithm database," also known as AlgDatabase or simply just Algdb, is a website that was created by Stachu Korick and Nicholas Beers as a senior-year independent study at West Chester University that has a large database of algorithms for many speedcubing subsets. Since its initial alpha version release 2013, it has gained much popularity across the speedcubing community and is now arguably the main source for algorithms for many subsets. Currently, supplies a wide range of algorithms for OLL, PLL, ELL, COLL, OH OLL, OH PLL, F2L, ZBLL, CMLL, WV, CLL, EG, Ortega OLL and PBL, OLLCP, and VLS.

Development was halted from late 2016 to around December 2017 due to Stachu leaving the cubing community and focusing on other projects in the field of programming. However, development started back up in December 2017 when Algdb was acquired by After the acquisition, Algdb got a full redesign with a more organized format.

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