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I forgot how to make a real poll and I would just get banned for it anyway so here.

Should I change the background color on my website about the 5CF Method?

1. No, I like green!

2. Yes! (Comment below what I should change it for)

This may go very wrong lol
If I'm honest I don't cube very much anymore. I do the occasional session, and I like to play around with the cube inventing new methods and finding new solutions, but I never really enjoy drilling solves for hours on end. What I do like is studying new languages! Right now I'm learning scottish gaelic, latin and ancient gaulish :)
I literally did 29 domino cube solves in school in front of all studens in my class and my teacher and I never got in trouble. I was able to take some screenshots on my school computer and send it to one of my friends on twitter (which I also never got in trouble for being on) and take a screenshot of those screenshots I sent on twitter. Apparently I cant post screenshots here so DM me if you want the screenshots.
Welcome! I think people will be excited that you joined! (I am pretty sure this is actually you, I hope it is)
I found this...
You have all heard of Dream, right?
Well, I found this video. This guy, Mugo, claims he's the REAL Dream.
He shows us all this proof, like a voice channger, and yeah.
I doubt it, though.
I messed up on my cubing career. I mean, I just jumped straight into full CFOP without knowing what notation even is. I mean, I'm okay now, but still... So tomorrow, as soon as I get the RS3M, I will restart. End of previous cubing career and start of new one. (SIDENOTE: It is really hard to stop look-ahead and fingertricks, though...)