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MY FIRST SUB-10 SINGLE! After 4700 solves, I have a true sub-10 solve! PLL was a T Perm, An easy cross, anf F2L solution. Here is the scramble: L2 U2 B U2 R2 F2 D2 B R' D' U2 R B' U' R U2 F2 D2.
I’m going to try and organize a competition in Indianapolis with all the blind events + FMC and it will probably be called Keep Indianapolis Quiet 2019 (or maybe 2020 depends on when I actually organize it) Let me know what you think if you live near it!
Hey could anyone tell what speedcube do you recommend?
Personally I would recommend a basic cube that doesn't take a chunk out of your wallet. A GTS2 should fit. Don't go for magnetic until you feel you can get to your goal without the GTS2M
I think a big sail is a good first cube
Can you get rid of my 3x3 blindfolded ao12 on my pb sheet, I accidentally entered clock times on it originally and I put 9:99.99 as I couldn't just delete or put DNF as an answer. also my 5x5 single is 1:17.xx, should I enter 1:17.99 or just leave it blank.
does the wuque pop a lot if you loosen it?
Astral cubing
Astral cubing
Depends on how much you loosen I would experiment with it. I found if you spring mod the springs and keep the cube on fairly tight tensions it creates a great balance. You can find a tutorial on Cyo the king’s channel.
Hi cubefans! Check out my new cube guide on ebay. It is entitled "Reflections on Rubik's Cube"