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zzoomer's Progression Thread! | 4.49 ZZ PB SINGLE!!


May 9, 2021
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Thanks for encouraging me to keep going. I'm not quitting improving my PLL times, but it is certainly not a priority anymore because I believe I have reached near my limit, for now.
Don't stop your PLL journey now! You've come to close to quit, and all those hours of hard work will about to nothing.
Firstly, I must say that I am nowhere near beating Brian. Although there is only a 0.03 difference in average, it would be ridiculously difficult to shave off the necessary 10+ frames required to catch up. At this point, shaving off even 1 frame off of any PLL would be a huge feat for me.

Secondly, my work has not "abouted to nothing". I feel very honored to be only 1 place behind Brian, and faster than Cube for Speed.

Brian has very exceptional turning skill. His peak TPS rivals that of Lucas, and his turning is quite precise as well. I, on the other hand, have worse TPS but is made up by my immaculate precision which explains why I'm strongly dominant with tricky algs like Gc and Na. The thing is, most PLLs are dependant on raw TPS spam in which Brian outperforms me.

Grinding PLLs was fun but is ultimately pointless because for speedsolving, efficiency and fluidity is what's important. I may practice drilling algs a little bit, but my priorities are doing actual solves and learning new algs.