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ZZ-R / OL4C incorrect algs on wiki

May 24, 2016
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So I checked the wiki and not all ZZ-R / OL4C algs are correct, I don't wanna mess with that, if you want to fix it, go ahead.
I'll just post here the correct algs.

But waitaminute... What is zz-r??

ZZ-reduction, also called ZZ-r, is a variant of the ZZ method for 3x3x3 proposed by Adrian Currier in 2014. It focuses on a reduction of PLL cases with the added benefit of faster recognition and more frequent PLL skips. It has the lowest algorithm count of any 2LLL method at 16 total.

You can use ZZ-r as a transition from beginner to full CFOP. Full CFOP might be faster than ZZ-r once you memorize all 78 algs.