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Your favourite 3x3?

Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding ducks
The Qiyi MS. I actually main the Valk Elite but I love the feel of the MS, my PB single and 3/5 of my PB Ao5 were on it. It was also my first true speedcube (unless you count the Sail as onne) so it gives a bit of nostalgia. It also is very a important piece of work in the cubing industry, without it we might not have a war on high quality budget cubes.


May 9, 2021
waddling in the park
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Okay so my favourite has to be the RS3 M 2020 even if it hasnt arrived yet, yeah its here in a few days but ive seen it and it definitely has potential. I've used weilong up until now
You're telling me that your favorite cube is one you haven't even tried yet...?

Anyway, my favorite cube is either the Tengyun V1 or the Valk Elite.

Tengyun V1 is very quiet, smooth, and flexible. It is my main.

Valk Elite has a special place in my heart because it's been through so much with me.
- I used it in every single video on my old YT channel
- I got my first sub 10 single and first sub 10 ao100 on this cube.
- I did my first ever timed ZZ solve on this cube.
- I switched to ZZ on this cube.
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