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[Review] YJ Yuhu V2M Review - Best Budget Megaminx? | KewbzUK ("CRITIC")


Aug 14, 2019
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YJ Yuhu V2M Review – KewbzUK
  • Review of Service
  • Review of Cube – YJ Yuhu V2M
  • Unboxing
  • OOTB
  • Completely Dry
  • Lube + Tension
  • Break-in
  • Final Thoughts
Review of Store
General Info
: KewbzUK
Link: https://kewbz.co.uk/

Once again a faultless service from KewbzUK. We have definitely seen the company thrive in situations like these and they have continued to show the highest level of service to their customers. I certainly cannot thank them enough for continuing to provide the level of tailored service that they have. I would certainly recommend if you haven’t already, if you’re in Europe, giving KewbzUK a try using code “CRITIC” at checkout.

Review of Cube
General Info
Name – YJ Yuhu V2M
Link – https://www.kewbz.co.uk/products/yj-yuhu-megaminx-v2-magnetic
Availability – Stickerless with optional black face
Accessories – Black pieces (pre-magnetised) - https://www.kewbz.co.uk/products/yj-yuhu-v2-m-black-caps
Price - £11.99 (Use code “CRITIC” for discount at checkout)
Weight – 136g

Brief Overview
The YJ Yuhu V2M is the latest megaminx from Yongjun Toys, a company that has been continuously provided great cubes at low prices into the market, consistently putting pressure on current flagships and their prices. The megaminx is a successor to the original Yuhu megaminx from YJ released a few years ago, and is part of their updated budget magnetic series of cubes under the “Yu” line, aimed for beginner and intermediate cubers.

The series currently consists of:
2x2 – YJ YuPo V2M
3x3 – YJ Yulong V2M
4x4 – YJ Yusu V2M
5x5 – YJ Yuchuang V2M
6x6 – YJ Yushi V2M
7x7 – YJ Yufu V2M
Pyraminx – YJ Yulong V2M Pyraminx

The company hopes to continue to expand this collection, along with their MGC line of cubes.

Out of the Box
First Impressions – Before Turning
The puzzle features a unique circular impression on each face, resulting in the outer areas of the corners being a level higher than the edges and centres. The megaminx features a standard colour scheme, using grey but YJ has fortunately provided black pieces for those that would want to switch a side out. Featuring bright and vivid shades, including a crimson red and bright yellow, the megaminx once scrambled shows excellent contrast between colours, and features traditional colourful internals. This is the only megaminx I own so I can only compare and contrast shades from YJ’s NxN puzzles.

As previously mentioned, YJ have opted for a unique circular indent around each face, resulting raised areas for grip on the corners. How effective this is will be a matter of question, although it received some mixed opinions when initial pictures were released, so will be an area I will investigate further throughout the reviewing process. Corner and edge design are fairly simple, both of which are rounded off.

Despite not having done megaminx before, the size and weight meant that the puzzle is easy to hold and turn in hand. The weight is comparable to typical 5x5s and thus is not difficult to grip and would probably mean cubers would not feel fatigue during long cubing sessions.

First Turns
Instantly upon turning, I came to realise how fast and effortless this puzzle was. The feel is traditional of YJ puzzles, with high speed and subtle magnets, although the magnetic strength is somewhere in the moderate category as opposed to the weaker magnets found in the NxN “Yu” cubes. Despite having never turned a megaminx before, I had no troubles with grip and spamming TPS. At this point I hadn’t learnt how to solve a megaminx, so was simply spamming PLL algorithms including T and Y perms.

The cornercutting on this cube out of the box is as follows:

Forward – 40 Degrees
Reverse – Under line to line

Cornercutting, particularly reverse, is not as necessary on megaminx compared to NxN puzzles dude to each turn revolving around a smaller angle (72 Degrees as opposed to 90 degrees), meaning turns are usually quicker and shorter. Cornercutting is perfectly adequate on this cube, and this cube doesn’t face the common problem of catching due to lack of reverse cornercutting which was an issue found on some of the NxN “Yu V2M” cubes such as the Yuchuang.

During solves I began to see the benefit of the circular indents. Since grip is held on the corners during turning, the raised area provides an extra area to hold effectively and reduces the chance of grip slipping on the puzzle, which is essential for bigger cubes or puzzles such as megaminx. Despite being a beginner in megaminx, I am still capable of spamming TPS and comfortably turning on this cube, and that indicated that this cube is great for beginners. Even without setup, the cube is feeling easy to turn, not too fast or uncontrollable yet still maintains a light and airy feel when turning. The cube still has a strong spring noise on some of the pieces, but this is easy to correct and simply requires a small amount of lubrication on the core.

To remove the spring noise, I lubricated the core with thick silicone lubricant. I would personally recommend Weight 5 or Weight 6 for the core since this will last the longest and will not require you to relubricate the core. I would not recommend water-based lubricants since these will produce rust when in contact with the metal pieces such as the spring, screw and washer.

I decided to add some medium weight silicone lubricant (Adheron) to the pieces to provide a more consistent feel whilst maintaining the speed of the cube.

The puzzle requires minimal setup to be high performance and thus I decided not to make any major changes to the feel of the cube out of the box.

After several solves, the spring noise had completely gone and the puzzle had slowed down enough for it to still be light but more controllable. I made no changes to the tensions out of the box since cornercutting seemed at its peak. Performance was more consistent with a perfect balance between speed and stability.

Final Thoughts
Should you buy the YJ Yuhu V2M?

The puzzle is certainly very good at a very suitable price. At £11.99, it is one of the cheapest magnetic megaminxes in the market. Many puzzles designed for beginners are ones that require setup to be considered a good product, which means it is no longer a good beginner cube. This puzzle however, requires minimum setup out of the box, making it perfect for beginners to either learn how to solve or improve their times, whilst providing an enjoyable solving experience.

YJ has constantly been dominating the budget and mid-range category with their outstanding products at a fraction of the price of those from competing brands, putting pressure on the top companies such as GAN, Qiyi and MoYu in lowering this ever-rising ceiling of flagship prices. This megaminx is no exception to this. At £11.99 with minimal setup, it makes cubers question why they would ever pay that much extra for a flagship megaminx, especially at a beginner or intermediate level.

The only minor fault I could spot on this cube is the rare occasion of corner twist. I rarely corner twist during solves and was merely nit-picking. To have to nit-pick in order to find a fault on a budget cube is rarely something that I have to do, since there is always some form of sacrifice that modern budget cubes have that result in a lower price, whether it be research and development or materials. Overall, another great release from YJ and I would certainly recommend giving this puzzle a try, especially if you have not done megaminx before or you are looking for an upgrade on your existing main.


May 18, 2020
Great review! I recently picked up the Yuhu v2M too (also from KewbzUK), along with the £1.49 pack of pre-magnetised black pieces. I'm by no means a megaminx expert, but I have to say this megaminx is superb and your review sums it up beautifully. I'd been using the Galaxy V2 LM previously, and for me personally the light, speedy, yet accurate turning of the Yuhu makes it just as enjoyable to solve as the Galaxy. The vibrant shades help my piece recognition too, as a megaminx beginner. All in all an absolute bargain for the price!