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YJ Guansu 4x4 Trade (CLOSED)


Aug 1, 2016
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Hey guys, RennuR here. I am not a super extreme speedcuber, and realize I am not very interested in 4x4 as an event, seems like it takes a lot of time to get good at, and I just dont have the time. Therefore I would really like to trade away my YJ Guansu for a 3x3, For this 3x3 I would like something that is very smooth, not crunchy at all. However not something crappy, maybe something like a set up Thunderclap, or something else that is known for its smoothness, something that contrasts the feeling of a Yuexiao! I would even take something like a set up MF3S

This YJ Guansu will come pre lubed and slightly tensioned, and broken in. Along with this, it will come in the box itself, with the 4x4 pamplet as well. Along with this I will be adding in a black cubicle stand!

Sorry for the specifity haha, just saying what I am really looking for. I will upload a Picture soon

My main want is a Lubed, set up MF3S (Mofang Jiaoshi MF3S 3x3), one that is pretty smooth. Again for that I would send a Set up guansu 4x4 with a black cubicle stand.
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