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Apr 21, 2014
I feel like there's a trigger that hasn't gotten much love: R U R' F'. This trigger can be done fairly fast. Because of that, decided to play around with it, a lot. What I've found quite a few cool algs that can be done by conjugating stuff with this trigger which I'll be calling "yay" and it's inverse "nay."

in case you aren't familiar with conjugates, [A: B] unfolds to A B A'. So something like [R: U] would be R U R'. I'll be using this notation in the rest of this post.

[yay: U'] is the simplest of the yay algs I found. It's an alt 1LLL alg to the (R U R' U') (R' F R F') case although it isn't much better depending on who you talk to. [yay: sune] and [yay: antisune] are some really easy diag swap colls. Throwing around some aufs like [yay: sune U] make for some nice 1LLL algs.

I've found some neat OLLs, ZBLLs and OLS algs by conjugating stuff with yay. This Is a sheet I've been compiling with stuff I've found of interest.

The most interesting thing I've found with yay are easy diag swaps. Because of the nature of yay, we can easily do diag swap algs. The simplest of which is [yay: U2] This unfortunately effects eo, but works really well as a cll for 2x2 or cmll. I've also found [yay: sune] and [yay: antisune] which are really simple diag swaps for sune and antisune cases. If you want to construct any diag swap 1LLL, look for algs that either don't effect eo or flip 2 edges in such a way that only 1 edge is still flipped, cp isn't effected and a U2 is preformed on the corners. oll 6 is an example of flipping 2 edges: [yay: r U2 R' U' R U' r'].

Some random stuff would include pointing out that Jb is a yay alg ([yay: (R U R' U') (R' F R F')]). And more is included in that sheet.
[yay: R D R' U2 R D' R' U2 R], conjugating headlights with yay, happens to do an A perm.
[yay: U2] [nay: U2] is a neat 1LLL but is pretty long.

The downside to yay is that it's 4 moves and when you conjugate stuff with it, makes for long algs.
The upside of it is that it's fast and simple. You can easily prepend to most anything to get another alg out of it.

Nonetheless, I hope ya'll enjoy yay and have fun making algs with yay.