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Sep 28, 2010
Granada, Spain
Twisttheweb.com is a free site for playing and competing online with others on your favorite puzzles in real time thru the internet.

I’ve tried to keep it simple and straight-forward enough as to make unnecessary any help file. In any case, there is help available online for some topics, as the timer or how to make friends.


Nothing special to say: registration is activated through your email address, the same that you can use to recover your account if login details are forgotten.

Hall of Game

Once you’ve registered, you will be taken to the main window: the ‘Hall of Game’. There you will find 13 ‘rooms’ where any of the currently available categories can be developed. Inside every room, all the games in progress will be listed (if any). Besides, you can always ‘create’ a new game within any room.


Games can be public or private. (Private games can be accessed only with a keyword that the host –the creator of the game- chooses and shares with certain friends.)

All the games have a time limit recommendation (from ‘all times’ to sub-X). The system doesn’t make surveillance of the participants to comply the time limit. But in any case, someone entering a game for fast cubers could find that the host (how decides when a new scramble is issued) don’t wait for him/her to complete the puzzle.

Finally, on creating a game, the ‘host’ can type in a short introductory text.


The rest is easy: as people enter in a game, a new column is created with the cuber’s alias in order to show their times. A new scramble produces a new line in the table. Besides single times, 3/5 and 10/12 averages are shown for all participants. Winner times are marked red.

An important option is the ‘kibitzing’ button. Anyone inside a game that can’t or won’t compete should use the ‘kibitzing’ mode in order to let the rest of cubers know that he/she is not playing. If you are playing and temporarily can’t attend the game (a phone call or what else) you should press the ‘kibitz’ button. As soon as you are ready to play again, press the ‘play’ button.

(Forget to mention that cubers in a game can chat… what did you expect? :D )


At the Hall of Game there is a ‘my friends’ link available. Click it to gain access to your ‘my friends’ panel. If you don’t have friends yet, a ‘how to make friends’ link will be available. Read the help sections dealing with friendship: it’s very easy. I just add here that the purpose of making friends in TTW is simple: find quickly a game to join your friends. So, your friends in TTW shouldn’t be only your real friends or just your friends in the forum, but also anyone that you came to play with having similar times and interests.

Some hints

As a new site, TTW could have on its initial launch less affluence of cubers that it will have in a few months (weeks, days? :D ). If you enter the hall looking for someone to cube with and there is no one cubing, the best thing you can do is creating a new game and cubing alone for a while. When you cube alone, the ‘auto’ mode is on and scrambles show up automatically. So at last, it’s like using your regular timer application or website, but while offering to others the chance to join your game.

Last but not least: be polite. Don’t abuse of private games. If you have to join a game of faster cubers, ask them if they don’t mind. If a slower cuber joins your game, try to wait a little for him to finish his puzzle.

. . .​

I had a lot of fun making this website, and now hope to have lot of fun playing in it with all you. I have hundreds of ideas in my mind concerning improvements and new features. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to implement most of them.

It’s all. Hope you like it.

P.S.: I’ve subscribed this thread in order to answer your questions and support the web. Please feel free so submit your ideas, suggestions, problems or concerns. You can also contact me through the email account at the bottom of the home page (spiders-proof :D, sorry).


Jan 3, 2011
Awesome site man Love it!!!! If anyone goes on there watch out for me my username is the same as on here :)


Forever Slow
Feb 6, 2010
Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium)
Copied the registration code into the box and still cannot log in...
Will try again later this evening.

EDIT: I'm in!

You should "tab" after you copy the act. code into the box. Only then you can click to complete.
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May 7, 2006
Visit Channel
Quite nice. Some suggestions:

- Make the instructions more visible
- Automatic new scramble once everybody is done, so the host doesn't need to do it


Could you somehow change the background/colors? Maybe even add an option to change it to a picture in our files (like Calcubetimer)?