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www.speedsolvingrecords.com Cubing Record Videos on one site


Nov 27, 2012
Brisbane, Australia (Anyone here?)
Hey all,
Lately I have been working on getting the site of http://speedsolvingrecords.com/ up and running.
I am pleased enough that it seems to mostly be working atm. I have decided to share it and will keep updating the pages over the next few days to get it all up to par and working fully. I am slowly gathering the videos and generating pages. I also have to get a nice looking list for all the records (including averages and not just singles).

I am completely open to suggestions and would love them :D

Yes, I have started putting the Cubecast Podcast onto here and it looks much nicer than on veeraid. Hopefully it will all be up there soon including the download links.

If I had more time now, I would write more, but I am tired and it is just before midnight. I will update this thread tomorrow with progress and more info.