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WTS: Collection 75+ Cubes Rare OP Dayan, Lubix, CamCuber Zhanchi, Limited Edition GAN, And More!


Sep 7, 2015
Dublin, OH
I am looking to sell the collection all at once so I am not selling individual cubes. I accept PayPal.

I'm asking $500 plus shipping.

Message me if you have any more questions.


Here is a list of the cubes:

3x3 -
Gan Air UM
Gan Air Ultimate
Limited Edition Gan Air Pink
Limited Edition Gan Air Spring Mint
Limited Edition Gan Air Macaron Purple
Gan Air SM
Limited Edition Gan Air SM Pink
Limited Edition Gan Air S Pink
Gan 357 Ultimate
Gan 356 V1(original center caps) Black restickered
Gan 356 V2 Master Black
Moyu Weilong V1 White
Dayan Guhong V2 White
Screw Mod Dayan Guhong V1 Black restickered
Lubix Fusion Guhong V1 Black
Lubix Ultimate Guhong V2 Black unstickered but still has lubix logo
Dayan Zhanchi 2017 Black
Original Plastic Dayan Zhanchi White restickered
Lubix Elite Dayan Zhanchi
Dayan Lingyun V2 Black
Dayan Zhanchi Black restickered
Dayan Zhanchi Black with a Lubix logo
Original Plastic Dayan Zhanchi Black
Lubix Ultimate Dayan Zhanchi Black restickered
Camcuber Dayan Zhanchi 55mm
Camcuber Dayan Zhanchi 57mm
Dayan Zhanchi stickerless 57mm
Dayan Zhanchi stickerless 55mm
Dayan Zhanchi stickerless 50mm
Dayan Zhanchi stickerless 42mm
Cubicle Premium Aolong V2 restickered
4x Fangshi Shuangren V1 White(one of them is restickered)
6x Fangshi Shuangren V2 Black(three of them are restickered)
Alpha V White
Yuxin Little Magic Black
Coated Yuxin Little Magic Stickerless
Moyu GTS with dual adjustment kit installed
Valk 3 Mini Black with box
Valk 3 Mini stickerless with box
Valk 3 stickerless with box
Valk 3 Black restickered with box
Valk 3 Power Black with box
Cosmic GTS2 M Black restickered with cosmic cube bag and stand
QiYi Thunderclap stickerless Bright
Cosmic Valk 3 M restickered with cosmic cube bag and stand
Limited Edition Moyu Aolong V2
Yan 3 Black restickered with N35 magnets
Cong’s Design Meiying Stickerless
Moyu Huanying Black
Moyu Huanying Black
GuoGuan Yuexiao Pro Black
QiYi Sail Black
QiYi Big Sail Black 60mm
QiYi Big Sail Black 68mm
Moyu Tanglong
MF3RS2 Stickerless
3 Moyu cubes that I don't remember
2 random 3x3s(I think they're shengshou)

2x2 -
GuoGuan Xinghen Magnetic Black restickered
Dayan Zhanchi 50mm Black
Dayan Zhanchi 50mm Black
Dayan Zhanchi 50mm White
Original Plastic Dayan Zhanchi 46mm Black
Dayan Zhanchi 46mm White

4x4 -
Moyu Mini Aosu White
Moyu Mini Aosu stickerless
YJ GuanSu White

5x5 -
Yuxin restickered(with yuxin 6x6 springs)

6x6 -
Yuxin Red restickered(with yuxin 5x5 springs)
Moyu Aoshi White

Other -
Limited Edition Moyu Pyraminx
Limited Edition Moyu Skewb
Shengshou Mirror Blocks Black restickered
Shengshou Mirror Blocks White
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