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WTB Old Type-C, Type-C v1.5, or Type-C Retooled.


Jan 28, 2010
I've grown a bit nostalgic for when I first got into cubing. My favorite cubes, after some time cubing (badly), were my Type-C and Type-F. My Type-F survived, as well as all of my Type-A cubes (versions I through V), Type-C v2, Type-C v3, Type-D, and Type-F v2. My Type-C v1, however, took a fall and the center piece busted where the screw held on to it. I tried to use other Type-C centers, and even an old cube4you core, but it didn't work right. Does somebody have a Type-C, Type-C v1.5, or Type-C Retooled to sell (or even just an original hardware set with centers and caps (I kept my Type-C cubies)?