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WTB Gan Macaron (Purple) VIP card

Nov 20, 2019
I purchased a Limited Edition Gan Air in Macaron Purple a few months back from a seller on eBay, and the seller noted that he had lost the VIP card for this cube.

This cube is for my Wife, preferably for Christmas as she loves the color purple. She is also a big collector of the packaging from the cubes that she buys so I'd rather it be complete.

If you have the entire cube in its original packaging, I am willing to pay upwards of about 40 for the entire set. I am willing to negotiate a reasonable price.
I believe this cube came with a red Gan holiday bag since that's what I typically see them in.

Attached is an image of what I am looking for.

If you would rather keep your cube but don't mind selling the card by itself, please let me know. I'd like to work something out.

If you only have the the bag, I'm interested as well as I like the design of the red gan bags and I missed out on them by a few weeks when they were around.

Thank you for your time!
Happy cubing.