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worst cubing experience thread

May 22, 2019
in site 19 working with peanut aka SCP-173
this is a thread about your worst experience with cubing involved.
one time, my friend and I were running around and talking about whatever, then his little sister and her bfffffff came. I'll be calling them entitled kid 1 and 2. So I left MF3RS2M on a bench where we were running around then EK1 & 2 see it and ask to play with it witch I agree, so like 20 minutes later me and my friend are gonna get something to eat and I ask EK1+2 if I could have my cube back and they decline. Me annoyed tells them to give my cube back to me and ignore me and throw my MF3RS2M on the grass with is like 10 ft in the air. Somehow the cube did not break but me, already pissed, picks up the core and chucks it at them and EK1 starts screaming like she lost here arms and goes to her mommy. I know I shouldn't have done that but to this day, I don't care.
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Dec 9, 2019
Null Island
I lost 30$ worth of lubes. Sad part is, I didn't even lose it. I put it by my computer, came back the next day, and it was gone. I think one of my siblings accidentally threw it away.

EDIT: I can't English.
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