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Why and How did you start cubing?


Jan 25, 2019
Here's a good question: Why and How did you start cubing?

Here's my story:
In 2017, my school had a competition with our students, and grouped us in teams. When I heard Rubik's Cube, being hosted as one of the games, I immediately joined in. After a day, I was ready. When we got to the venue (one of the places in the school), I was the first to solve 4 cubes as fast as possible. It took me 6 minutes, from a fast turning to a slow turning cube. After the competition, I was 2nd place (with other rewards as well). After that, nothing really happened.. for a year.​
In mid to late 2018, I started cubing, just to see how it goes. By this point, I was learning CFOP. I made a mistake by learning full OLL instead of 2-look OLL (;-|). When I learned CFOP, however, my times were raised from 32-35 seconds, to 40-45 seconds from LBL method. After a few months, I got my first sub-30 with CFOP, which was 28.44 (28.54 PB with LBL). After that, I kept improving my times. I got a PB of 19.71, my first sub-20. But even more surprising, was that 3 solves later, I got an 18.21 single. I then got a another PB around 65-125 solves later of 18.19 seconds, and now, here I am. 2019, and a bright cubing future. -CJ​


Nov 5, 2018
In 2016 one of my friends brought in a cube to school and could solve it! I thought it was the coolest thing and really wanted him to teach me. It took a few weeks (since I didn’t have many classes with him) but I finally learned. My first timed solve was 2:14 seconds. My goal was to surpass him, which I did in a few weeks. I spent a year or two on beginners method when one day in August of 2018 I decided to learn CFOP for some reason. After that I got my first sub 30 single. I proceeded to average sub 30, then sub 20, and so on. I now average 15. My only regret is not learning CFOP earlier.
Mar 4, 2017
so in mid 2014 i saw those videos of like top x cubing related videos and i was like "pfft easy" and i asked my mom for a lanlan 2x2, shengshou 4x4, 5x5 and QJ megaminx, i had already the rubik's 1.0 at the time so i didn't get a new 3x3, i never learned how to solve any of them and eventually lost the 2x2 do to time and just kept the unsolved 5x5 and mega in my closet, the 4x4 broke also and i gave it away at a comp in 2016 for someone who wanted extra parts, but then fast forward to june 2015 i had just started my summer break and would always go down the rabbit hole of youtube, one day i ran into an old video of someone solving a 2x2 in around 10 seconds (i forget who it was) and i was like "i want to do that, it seems easy!" (mainly forgetting how i had trouble the last time) and so i bought a shengshou original 2x2 off amazon for 3 dollars and learned how to solve it 2 months after, i still have public videos of me doing a 2x2 session with like averages around 50 seconds, i remember one time when i got down to 30 on 2x2 i got a 17 (LL Skip i think) and remember that being the first PB i ever freaked out about, dast my story


Mar 15, 2018
Mine is actually simple.
So I was at like a science elective program and someone could solve it in like, 1 second!!!! Haha lol no
But anyway, after that I googled beginner's method, went on to learn CFOP and the rest is history


Staff member
Mar 13, 2006
my arm freking snapped in half hahhhaah

then i learned to cube cuz i was bored lol
Broke your arm and got into cubing, nice. What triggered you to cube though instead of all the countless other things you could do with a broken arm?