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Who all solves the Barrel Rubik's Cube?


Oct 28, 2020
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My Barrel Rubik's Cube is a more simple one with 5 colors (I know there are some that are the same color design as a standard 3x3x3), but I enjoy it a lot. This one I find just slightly easier than the 3x3x3.

The video is more of a tutorial on the Barrel Cube, and since it is fragile, I do not try speedsolving it. I feel that I could possibly hit a 20 second solve on this, but that is just a guess. I have never tried speedsolving this--I will have to get a new one that stays together well and attempt a speedsolve!

I would love to hear a shoutout from anyone else who solves this fun Rubik's Cube with your speedsolving times!