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Which PLL is your fastest

Fastest PLL?

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May 9, 2021
waddling in the park
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Yeah RUS Ub is easy sub .5 if you are decent at it.
It isn't. I have the WB for Ub with a 0.466 framecounted execution, which is only 1 frame faster than 0.500 flat. It was very difficult to get that.
Getting sub 0.6 consistently is easy though.

Ok now for my fastest PLL's.

My fastest is Ua, with the RUS alg I could probably get 0.400 flat (12 frames) but I'm too lazy to do that. My fastest recorded time is 0.466 framecounted (tied with Ub)

My fastest (and favorite!) PLL relative to others is Gc. I have a 0.66 framecounted Gc execution (two, in fact), which is a whopping 0.12 faster than the WB2.

My highest TPS PLL's are E (21.8 TPS), Jb (21.7 TPS), T (21.0 TPS), Ga (20.5 TPS), and Y (20.4 TPS)
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