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Which Cube Should I Get? Up To Date Recommendations


Jun 4, 2018
43°38'42.8"N 115°59'35.1"W
Im planning on splerging for a bunch of cubes. My budget is $50, most of which is taken because I want a tengyun V2, and I want to get a squan. Any recommendations? Also, does anyone else have much expirience with buying from a different country than the store your buying from? I have no clue how long shipping wil take, normally I ship to the US and pick up the cubes when I visit, but obviously I'm not going to a diff country anytime soon. (I live in southern Mexico if any of yall didnt know.)
YLM if you want something that is easy to set up (-Mods) with a buttery feel
Volt v2 if you want something that is great without mods.
Performance is similar but the Volt v2 is my main since it can handle my rough turning better, but both are used by world-class solvers