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Which algorithm would you teach someone for adjacent corner PLL on 2x2?

Which alg do/would you teach?

  • A perm

  • T perm

  • Other

Results are only viewable after voting.


Jun 30, 2014
Probably my room
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So from what I can tell, the two most common algorithms people learn for the adjacent corner swap for PLL on 2x2 are the Aa and T perms. The algorithm I've taught people for that case is actually the Ja/L perm (R' U L' U2 R U' R' U2 R L, although the last two moves are executed more like an R2 on 2x2). That's 9 moves if you call the last move an R2 and don't include the AUF, which makes it the shortest algorithm you can use for this case if I'm not mistaken (it would be tied with the A perms, but those are tricky to execute on a 2x2). This is also the algorithm I personally use because of its low move count? Am I doing everything wrong? Who knows, but I taught it to my friend about 4 years ago and he says the cubers at his school were surprised he used that algorithm.

I guess another question would be whether you would consider teaching the L perm over T or A perm if you were teaching someone how to solve a 2x2.


pfft who would use anything other than a Jb perm?
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