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What You Like/Don't Like About All PLLs

Jul 31, 2013
I wanted to create this thread to see what other speed solvers would say about what they like and don't like about all of the PLL'S.
To do this, copy and paste this list of all the PLL's and type one thing you like about it, and one thing you don't like about it.
Say whatever you want about it!
Here is the list and I will start by posting under this:

H Perm:
U(a) Perm:
U(b) Perm:
Z Perm:
A(a) Perm:
A(b) Perm:
E Perm:
F Perm:
G(a) Perm:
G(b) Perm:
G(c) Perm:
G(d) Perm:
J(a) Perm:
J(b) Perm:
N(a) Perm:
N(b) Perm:
R(a) Perm:
R(b) Perm:
T Perm:
V Perm:
Y Perm:
Jul 31, 2013
H Perm: involes M moves/Very quick
U(a) Perm:
U(b) Perm:
Z Perm: involes M moves/ Simple Alg
A(a) Perm: alg requires X' (one i use)/Very easy to reconize
A(b) Perm: Same as A(a)
E Perm: The alg i use i dont like/easy to reconize
F Perm: Hate the alg/easy to reconize
G(a) Perm: cant reconize it/ algs are pretty good
G(b) Perm: same
G(c) Perm: same
G(d) Perm: same
J(a) Perm: Hard to reconize/love the alg
J(b) Perm: Hard to reconize/ love the alg
N(a) Perm: HATE THE ALG/ easy to reconize
N(b) Perm: HATE THE ALG WORST/easy to reconize and perform
R(a) Perm: Hate the alg i use/easy to perform (just really slow bad fingertricks)
R(b) Perm: Kinda hard to reconize/LOVE THE ALG
T Perm:Nothing/LOVE THE ALG
V Perm: Dont like the alg/easy to see
Y Perm: Involes F and F'/alg is pretty fast and i can see it easy (except for the F and F')


Apr 10, 2012
Ottawa, Canada
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H: like the easy recognition, don't like that I can't execute it faster
Ua: like 2-gen, don't like that I can't execute faster
Ub: same as Ua
Z: like cool M moves and it's fast, nothing much not to like
Aa: like that I'm fastest at these, don't like AUF from awkward position
Ab: same as Aa
E: like the move pattern, hate recognition
F: like easy recognition, don't like setup moves
Ga: don't like rotation in alg
Gb: like second part of alg flows, don't like rotation in alg
Gc: like that i have two alg choices, don't like that i don't execute very well
Gd: same as Ga
Ja: don't like switching the hand that holds the cube because of R/L moves
Jb: like that it flows, not much to not like
Na: like URD alg cuz different than other algs, don't like my poor execution
Nb: like the first few moves, hate the last half (the one i use)
Ra: like no regrips, don't like U2 because sometimes my finger misses and the rhythm feels strange
Rb: like the flow, don't like if my hands misperform R2
T: like that it flows, not much to not like
V: don't like rotation/regrips, or too much right index usage at the end
Y: like that it flows, don't like that i can't do it faster


Mar 15, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
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H Perm: so fun
U(a) Perm: yay
U(b) Perm: yay
Z Perm: yay
A(a) Perm: good
A(b) Perm: good
E Perm: good
F Perm: ew
G(a) Perm:ew
G(b) Perm:ew
G(c) Perm:ew
G(d) Perm:ew
J(a) Perm: Yay, fast and easy
J(b) Perm: eh, easy and kinda fast
N(a) Perm: eww
N(b) Perm: eww
R(a) Perm: good
R(b) Perm: good
T Perm: Super fast, easy recog
V Perm: annoying recog, annoying alg
Y Perm: Easy recognition but annoying alg. Ironically I've broken a lot of PBs on Y perms.


Jul 11, 2011
Lake Forest, CA
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H Perm: Regrip for M slice is annoying.
U(a) Perm: Flawless. My favorite PLL.
U(b) Perm: Flawless.
Z Perm: Regrip for M slice is annoying.
A(a) Perm: My pinky is too long to double flick D2
A(b) Perm: My pinky is too long to double flick D2
E Perm: The rotation at the beginning is annoying.
F Perm: The setup moves for the T Perm are akwward.
G(a) Perm: The rotation is so slow that I just do F' U F at the end.
G(b) Perm: One of my favorite PLLs
G(c) Perm: My least favorite PLL. Awful recognition, awful algorithm.
G(d) Perm: I hate the rotation at the beginning.
J(a) Perm: I like that the optimal one is so fast.
J(b) Perm: Fast
N(a) Perm: 21 move alg. :(
N(b) Perm: So many regrips.
R(a) Perm: My second favorite PLL.
R(b) Perm: Perfect for lefty U2'
T Perm: The last F' is awkward.
V Perm: Fast
Y Perm: Fast


Mar 26, 2006
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H Perm: Pinky ring doubleflick love <3
U Perm: MU for speeds and RU for funs
Z Perm: ugly MU or RU solutions - rouxy MU solution is good enough
A Perm: probably fastest perm - dat doubleflick
E Perm: rotation before alg is annoying, recog is annoying, possibly good for A6 but I never use it
F Perm: it's got a T perm in it from one angle! kinda fun, other alg is an ugly V perm knockoff
G Perm: learn the common alg and just mirror/invert for each case. know it for the sake of knowing it, not good at it
J Perm: mirroring the RUR'F' alg lefty is faster than <RUL> for me
N Perm: <RUL> or <RUD> exec depending on mood - fun
R Perm: boring - know it for the sake of knowing it
T Perm: <3 don't do U turns with right hand - sexy alg
V Perm: just like the ugly F perm alg - algs are actually ok until the last few messy turns
Y Perm: fun to conjugate

ooh I should do CMLL too


Apr 30, 2012
Ashburn, Virginia, USA
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H Perm: (M-slice alg) Looks kewl, executes like stink. (Insanely quickly)
U(a) Perm: (2-gen alg) Hate the fact that I suck at this alg. Since I can't do U2 with my left hand and all so I can't use the M-slice alg. Pops easily if I screw it up likanoob.
U(b) Perm: (M-slice alg) Love it. Hard to do a U' AUF.
Z Perm: (M-slice alg) Awesome. Feel awesome performing it too.
A(a) Perm: Pretty fast, first alg I learned, but I don't particularly like it.
A(b) Perm: Same as A(a)
E Perm: Hard to recognize for me. Execution can be really fast or pop/lock. Not bad, but unreliable.
F Perm: Fun but slow.
All the G-perms: Love them. They're so fun with the u2 and f2 and stuff that I do.
J-perms: Eh. Not as fluid as I want them to be.
N-Perms: Slow as heck. Kinda fun.
R-perms: Pretty fun. Pretty fast. Not the prettiest case ever.
T Perm: Looks awesome as a case, executes awesomely as an alg. Wish I could do it faster.
V Perm: Alg is actually pretty fun but a little on the slow side.
Y Perm: Fun alg, pretty case, easy to recog, one the slow side for me.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Oct 29, 2012
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H: <MU> <3
U: <MU> <3
Z: <MU> <3
A: <RUD> <3
E: <RUD> <3 ...and start with l not rotation
F: not <RUD> but <3 anyway
G: <RUD> <3
Ja: <RUD> <3
Jb: not <RUD> but <3 anyway
N: <RUD> <3
R: <RUD> <3
T: not <RUD> but <3 anyway
V: <RUD> <3
Y: <<< HATE IT >>>
Jul 31, 2013
I hate plls cause it leads to threads like these. And "what is the best N/G/F/V perm?"
Well if you have not already realized it, you cant do anything about it so why even comment hateful things about the thread? I would just like to see other speed solvers opinions on PLL's? Please stay off my threads if you are going to say such things.

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