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What should I learn next?


Mar 23, 2008
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I'm not exactly sure where to post this because it falls in many categories.
I have been cubing for a few months now, I can solve the 2x2 through 4x4, and can do 5x5 sometimes, depending on the edge pairing. I have been wanting to learn something new for a while but I am unable to decide where to start next. I am considering -

3x3 BLD - I looked over 3 cycle method, and know some of the algorithms, but I have yet to learn any memo and haven't even tried a full solve with my eyes open.

Big cubes - I can do a 4x4 with a basic single edge pairing reduction. I don't know any algorithms for edges, and only know the basic parity algs

Learn all PLL - I know 9/21, all the 3 cylces, H, Z, T, Y and F. I haven't spent much time learning new ones. I just learn one whenever I'm thinking about it, not often.

Megaminx - I really want to buy a Mefferts minx but they are never available on c4y. Should I just get a cheap one anyway or wait it out? I have got everything except for the last layer permutation on a computer simulator. And I really enjoy a new, intuitive puzzle.

2x2 - I just use basic 3x3 algs for it, I was thinking about learning Otrega, but I don't know how much I care about 2x2...

Commutators and Conjugates - I can do some 3 cylce conjugates but don't know any commutators. This kinda goes with BLD, but I would like to know it either way.

Block building methods - I know Petrus, but it's so fake. My 2x2x2 and 2x2x3 blocks are just cross + F2L. I was thinking about Roux or Heise, but I struggle with both of them.

Color Neutrality - I don't know, I'm about 10-20 seconds slower if I don't start on the white face, or yellow. I'm not very good at the cross (5 seconds or so) and I just don't see a viable white cross sometimes.

OH - This is just a last minute thought, I dunno

I ended up writing more than I was planning on, sorry for the wall of text, thanks in advance for any insight you guys provide.


Mar 18, 2008
Pretoria, South Africa
5x5x5 SOMETIMES? Change your pairing method then or learn the algs. I can pair the edges on a 5x5x5 every try, only sometimes i need a very easy alg for the last two (l' U2 l' U2 F2 l' F2 r U2 r' U2 l2)


The Punchmaster
May 7, 2008
Kansas City, MO, USA
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heres how its gonna go for you
1. finish pll
2. learn to do a 5x5 consistently.
3. practice pairing two 4x4x4 edges at a time/ improve recognition.
4. (not mentioned in your part) improve your f2l look ahead so you can get a sub-30 global average.

this is david by the way. oh and you can borrow my rubiks 5x5 if you want.