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What is the maximum TPS for roux?

Aug 26, 2017

I was watching some roux solves from Kian Mansour and Sean Villanueva, and noticed that their highest TPS roux solves usually had a max tps of 8TPS (for the entire solve). I was wondering what the maximum potential TPS for roux was, and if it would be possible to reach 9-11 TPS with the method.
Thanks :)


Realised I should probably give numbers. In Sean's 2nd place world's average, he had an average TPS of 8.xx

Sean is known for his LSE TPS which is between 9-12
Is that correct? 8 sounds pretty high for roux, if average movecount is ~48 (that’s what SS wiki says but I’m pretty sure it’s lower) then he would be getting averages around 6