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Dec 10, 2008
Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here.

Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get.
It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me.

anyway, as the tile have said, this thread is for those of you who does not know what cube you should buy or is struggling over choosing from a certain cubes. This thread is for questions, as some of the reviews on the forum may not satisfy your need.

1. Please try to look at the previous posts to see if there are other people who are in the same dilemma as yours have already posted or being answered. This could save a lot of space in this thread, and make it easier both for people to answer or ask.
2. Please make sure that you talk about your preferances/choices, or maybe previous experiances that may affect your decision, with as much details as you can. I am really tired of people just posting the exterior of the cube without any descriptions at all at the cube ID thread. Giving as much details as possible will help us to find exactly the "best cube" for you.
3. Make sure you follow the rules, and be as nice as possible. I don't was to see stuffs like "Why would you want XXX? It's the worst cube ever" or "Only people with real mature tastes will like the AV. FIIs are for kids."

Soo, have fun!
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Nov 27, 2009
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>Only people with real mature tastes will like the AV. FIIs are for kids.

I remember that post.

What, give me link please

Anyway if you need a cube with no lock-ups. Thrawrst made a video about an A-V that does that.

I might get an A-V. maybe.
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Feb 4, 2010
For everyone that wants minimal lock ups, my AV doesn't lock up much, and it also never pops. But it's more the cuber than the cube for lock ups, just work on your turning accuracy (although a good cube definitely helps).