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Were all of the Fridrich algorithms discovered by hand ?


Nov 22, 2018
I know that at the time Jessica Fridrich created her method (80s) computers weren't very powerful and that only in 1992 the kociemba algorithms was discovererd, but were they unable to find any kind of algorithm ? I know also that many of the algorithms used in the method were discovered by hand by trial and errors and technics such as commutation, conjugation and repetition, but were they all found without the use of a computer (in the form that we are using them today so the shortest possible) ?

Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
The Algorithms on her website aren't from the early 80s so I can't say for sure, but from reading through her website I remember that she stated to either having found them by hand or combine already found sequences.
So the answer is yes, probably.
Keep in mind that Fridrich isn't the only one to come up with this system at that time so it's very likely many cases were found by other cubers