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Welcome to the Example Solve Forum (Please read before posting)


Not A Moderator
Mar 11, 2008
Waterloo, ON, Canada
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This forum is for threads of example solves, where each thread is for a specific puzzle or specific method for a puzzle. Everyone is encouraged to post their example solves, since it's a great way to learn techniques and share algorithms.

Please use most recent unused scramble in the thread, then post a scramble for the next person, along with your written solution. It's preferred that you check your solution with alg.cubing.net and that you include a link to the playback.

If there's a puzzle or a method you'd like to see or write example solves for, and there isn't already a thread for it, feel free to create one and start it off with a scramble.

Note: Threads in this forum do not appear on the homepage.
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