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Weekly Competition 2017-14

Mike Hughey

Super Moderator
Staff member
Jun 7, 2007
We are in the process of trying to update the competition site, so we will not be able to post scrambles there this week. This week, please use this post for all your scrambles. To be safe, it's probably best to use this thread to post all your results as well. We will return to using the website as soon as it is operational again.

Note that Magic and Master Magic have been removed; other changes may occur in future weeks.

These weekly competitions are sponsored by TheCubicle.us - check them out for all your speedcubing needs. Each week, a random competitor will be drawn and given a $10 giftcard to TheCubicle.us.
For the weekly competition, we are accepting results either of two ways:
1. Use http://www.speedsolving.com/competitions/. You will need to log in; please use the same username that you use on speedsolving.com! (You may feel free to use a different password, but use the same username.) Hopefully use of the website to enter your times will be self-explanatory, please post here or email Odder if you have questions.
2. Post here, as usual.
If you have posts in both places, we will give priority to posts within the thread, in case there are difficulties with the website.
We follow the WCA regulations for all events. Here are some things that people often don't know, or are different from the regulations:
  • For Multi-BLD you can choose how many cubes you are going to do (let me know if 30 scrambles is not enough). If you attempt 5 cubes you must use the first 5 scrambles.
  • For one-handed you can use both hands during inspection.
  • For with feet you can only use feet during inspection.
  • For 3x3x3 Fewest Moves there is a 1 hour time limit. Provide an explanation in the comments describing how you arrived at your solution.
  • For relay you have 15 seconds of inspection in total, you can use any order to solve the cubes and the rest of the relay-rules should be obvious.
  • 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 will use an average of 5.
Notation and scrambling:
  • For all events (other than skewb) the Mark2 scrambler will be used.
  • For 4x4x4 and 5x5x5, a "w" means "Wide" so you turn not just the slice, but also the outer layer.
  • For 6x6x6 and 7x7x7, a number before the letter indicates the amount of layers to turn like a wide turn. "3U2" would mean "turn the 3 uppermost layers a half turn".
  • For Megaminx, Pochmann notation will be used.
  • For Square-1, 2x2x2, and 3x3x3, near-optimal random state scrambles will be used.
  • For Square1, the newest official scrambler is being used. This adds a slash whenever a slice move is to be applied.
  • For Clock, a shortened version of the official notation is used.
  • For Pyraminx, small letters are for the tips
  • Skewb scrambles are generated using Chen Shuang's scrambler, which uses Fixed Corner Notation.
This competition starts now and ends Monday/Tuesday nightchange GMT (officially). Automated results will close at the official time, but if you are slightly late, go ahead and post your results here and we will include them at our discretion if we think it's reasonable.

R2 F' R2 F2 R' F2 R' U R' U'
2. U F R F2 U2 R2 F' R' F' U2
3. R' F' U F U2 F R2 U R2
4. U2 F U' R U2 R U' R
5. R F U2 F U' R U' F U'
U2 F2 L2 F2 L D2 U2 L' U2 L' B R2 D' F' L U B2 F2 L' D
2. R2 D B2 U' L2 D2 U L2 R2 U' L2 B L2 D U2 B' D2 L R2 F U'
3. B2 F2 L2 D L2 R2 B2 D' B2 U' L2 B' D2 F2 U L F L2 R' B' F2
4. F2 L2 D' F2 R2 U' B2 F2 D' B2 D' R' F2 L' B R2 D2 R2 F2 L' U
5. L2 B2 U2 F2 D' L2 U' B2 U2 F2 D B L2 U' L2 R F L2 R2 D2
L' U Fw2 L Fw' R2 Fw' F' L2 D Fw2 U2 B2 D F R' Uw2 B2 Uw2 Rw F' Uw' U' R2 B Fw D' U' L' Fw Uw L R2 Uw2 U' Fw2 U' B' L' R'
2. L Rw' U' Rw2 F' U F2 U' Fw' Rw F2 L2 D2 Fw' L Fw' D' R' Uw B' U' B' Fw' D B' U Fw' F D' U' R2 B' Uw2 B D' U' B F2 R2 D
3. Fw F' U B L2 R' B2 Uw' B' F2 R B2 D2 Uw' F2 L' F R D Fw2 R' U' B' U R2 D Uw' L' R2 B' F Rw D2 Fw' L' Rw' R Fw L2 Rw
4. U2 L B U2 Rw' B' F2 D' F' D2 Uw2 U B R B2 Rw D2 R2 Fw D' U2 B' F2 D' Fw D' Uw' Rw Fw2 F2 R' Fw' D2 Rw' F D2 Uw' U2 B2 Fw
5. Uw2 Fw2 Uw2 Fw' Rw R' Fw2 R2 Uw L U L F D2 F' L R2 B' F' L2 R Fw Uw2 F2 L' Rw B2 U B' F U B2 F2 L' R' B2 D Uw2 F D'
U2 B' Dw' R' Uw B' U2 L Lw2 R' Bw U' B D Rw2 R2 B' Rw' Fw2 Rw' D Rw2 B Bw Fw F L' B Lw2 Rw Uw2 F2 Uw' R2 Dw' B2 R' B Lw D Dw Bw Dw B' Bw Fw' F Lw' B R' B2 R2 D Bw' Fw2 U' F2 L' Fw R2
2. Dw Rw D2 L Uw L Rw' R D Uw Bw2 Fw' Rw R2 U' L2 Rw Dw Lw2 Fw F' Uw2 Bw' Fw' F' R U Lw' Uw' B' Fw D2 Rw U Lw' D2 Uw Fw2 F L' Lw' R U2 L2 Bw2 L' Uw L Uw Lw' R2 Bw' Lw2 Fw Rw D Lw D Bw' F
3. Fw2 L2 Lw' Uw L Lw' R' D U2 B2 Bw2 Fw2 F Rw2 Bw2 Fw' F2 Rw' Bw2 Fw R' U L Lw' R' D2 Bw L Bw Fw2 F' D' L2 U2 Fw D2 Dw2 Uw R' U2 Fw' Lw' Bw' Dw L2 Fw2 Uw' Fw2 U' Lw2 R Fw' F2 Uw2 B' Bw Rw2 Bw2 Dw' Lw2
4. Dw F' L D' Dw Lw' R' Uw' Rw D2 Bw F L U' Rw Bw2 L2 Rw B Fw' R' Bw2 Fw2 F Uw2 Lw R Bw2 Fw F' L2 B D' Uw2 U Bw2 D' Bw' U B Rw Fw2 L Uw Fw2 D Fw D Dw Uw' U2 Bw' R2 Bw2 L' Uw R' U2 B2 F2
5. Rw2 Uw' Rw2 F' L Dw' U2 L' Rw Fw' U' R2 D' Fw' L Dw' Bw' L2 Lw' Rw2 Bw F U Lw F Lw2 Uw2 R2 B' Bw D' B R2 F2 R Dw Uw U Bw R2 Bw2 F Uw' R B2 Dw R2 U2 L2 Bw' F Lw' Uw' U' Lw Uw Fw' F' L Rw
L' F' 3R2 2B2 3F 2F' 3R' 2R R' U B' 3R 2R D' L 2L2 2R2 R2 2D' 2L2 3R' 2F2 F' 2R2 3U 2B 2F2 U' 2R2 3F 2F 3U' 3R' 2B' 2L2 B2 2B' D' U B 2U2 L2 3U U 2L2 2R' D' 3F' F2 D2 3U 2R' 2F2 U2 3R2 2R' D B 2B 2F2 2L' 2B2 R2 2B2 3R2 D B2 2L2 D 2R'
2. 3U' U F 3R' F2 3U2 F L 3R' R2 2D 2L' B2 2R' 2B2 2R2 R2 2D' B' 2L2 B2 D' F 3R' R2 2D 3U' L' 2F 2D' R2 D 2R B' 3F 2D B2 2B 3F' 2R 2U L' 3U2 B2 D' R 2D L2 2L' 2R' R' 3F L R U B' 2B2 3F' 2D U2 B2 3U 2F' D2 2L' 2D2 2U' 3F2 2F F
3. B' L2 3U' F D 3R2 R' B 2R' 2U' 3R 2D' 3U 2U2 F' 2L 2D 2B' 3R2 2U 3F 2R D 2U' 2B 2F2 D2 3U 2B2 2F' D 2F2 F' 2R 3U' B2 2L' U 2R' 2F2 2U R' 2B' F' 2U' B' L 2L' R2 3F 2R2 2U2 L' F' 3U2 L2 2L U L' 2L2 R' 3F2 D' 3U2 2R2 3F2 L2 2L2 U' 3F
4. 2D' R2 2D' 3U U' R' 3F' 3R' B 3F2 F2 2L' B2 2B 3F2 L 2L 3U B2 2F 2L2 3R2 3U U' 2L2 B D' 3U U' 2B 3F L2 D' L 2L2 3R2 R D2 2D U 2R 3U2 3R' D2 2L' U2 B 2B 2F' U 3F2 U' L2 F L 2L R2 U' L' 2L 2F' 3U2 F' L 2R 2B' 2F F L' 2F2
5. D2 2U2 B 2B' 2F2 2D' L 3R2 2B2 L2 3F 2L U R' 2B2 3R' R 2B' L2 3F2 F' 3U 2L 3U 2L B' R2 2D2 3U' 2B2 3F2 2D2 2U' 2L2 3R2 B 2L' 3F F' R2 B' 3R' B2 D2 2D' L' 2D 3U2 2U2 R2 2D2 U2 B2 2F2 R F2 3U 2U F2 R D 2L2 3U R2 3F2 D2 2U2 B 3R' D2
2B2 2R 2B 3D2 3F' F2 R2 B' 3L2 B 3F' 2D U 3B F2 3L D 3R R 3U' 3F2 U' 3F 2F' 2L' 2F2 L2 2L' 3D' 2R2 B' 2L' D2 3R' 3D2 R2 F' 2L 3L' B2 3B2 3F D2 L' 2B 3B 3F' F2 3D' 2F' 3L D2 3L 3R2 3B' 2F F' 2L2 U' 2L' 2R2 R' 3D' 3U2 2U' 2F' 2U2 2L' 2D F U 3B2 3U 3B L R' 2D 3D2 U 3R2 R' U' 3L' 2R2 R2 2F' 3L' U2 3L' 2D' 3D2 3B' 2F 2R2 2B2 3R 3F 3R' 2F' 3U
2. L2 2F 3L 3R' B' 3B2 F 3R2 R2 D2 2U' U2 L' 3L 2D' B 3D 3L 3U 2U B2 U 2R R U 3R' R 2B2 3F 2L' F2 3R2 2R' 2F' R' 2B' 2U L' F2 3D F' 2R2 3F 3R2 D' U 2B2 3U' 3B2 2F F' D 2B' 2F L2 3R' R B2 F' 3U' L' 2L 3L B2 2U 2L 3R2 2F2 F 2D U' 2B' 3B2 2D 3D2 3L 2R 3B2 L 3B D L' 3L B 2B2 2L' 2U 2F' 3L2 2U2 B' 3L2 3U 3B' 2L2 R2 2B 2L' 2F 2L
3. U' B2 3B2 3L' 3D2 2U' 3R 2F D' 2U2 F2 3U 2R' 2F 3D 3U' 2F2 L2 2U2 2R2 3D U 2R2 2B2 L2 3D2 B2 3F 2R 3U2 B' 3D B 2B' 3B2 3R2 R' F' 3L2 2B' 2F2 3D' B 2L' 3B' R2 2B2 3U 3F' 3R' D 3F 2F' 2D2 3F' 3U 2L2 3L' 2R B2 D' 2B' 3L2 2B 3D' 2F' F' 3L2 3D L2 R' B' 2B' 3B' 3F2 2F2 2D2 2B 3U U' R2 3F' 2L' 3R B' 3B 2U2 2L2 2R B2 3L 3R2 2R2 2B' 3F' F D2 2L2 2R D2
4. 3L' 2B' L' 3R' R F' 2L 3R' 2R2 F2 3L2 D 3L U 2F 3U2 B2 2L' 3F' 2F' 3L 2R' 2D' 3U' 2U2 3R' 2F 3D2 3R2 2B' L 3R' 2R 2D' 2U2 U 3R2 3B2 3R 2R 3F 2F2 3U 2L D' 2L' 3R' B 2U 2B F2 2R2 R 3D 3L2 R2 2F2 F2 2D' B' F' L2 R F' 2U' 2R2 B2 2B2 3F' 3D2 3U 2F 2D 3D' 2B F' 2U 2L U' 2R' D2 2D 2L 2B2 3D' 2U' L 2R' 2D' 3D B 3F2 R' F 3R B' 2D' 2B' 2L' 2R
5. L' 2B2 U' B2 F' 3U L2 R D' 3D 3B 3F L B' 3F2 L' R' 2B' 3L2 3R2 3F' 3D' L' D2 2D2 3L2 3F 3R2 3U2 2B2 2D U 3B' 3F' 3L R' 2B 3L' 2B 2L' 2B2 L' 3D2 U2 2R2 3U 3R 2U 2F2 3U' U2 2R 3F' 2R 2B L 3U2 F2 3D2 3U2 2F' 3R' F2 3D 3B2 L2 2F' 2L2 F2 3D 2B' D' 3D U' 3L 2B' 3B' 2D' 2U R 2U2 2L2 R F2 L 2L R' 2B L 3L 3R' B' L R2 2D' 3F2 D' 2D' B2 3B
2x2x2 Blindfolded
F R' F2 R F2 U' F' U
2. U F U2 F R' U2 F R F'
3. R U' R' F2 R U' F U' F2
3x3x3 Blindfolded
D2 L2 U R2 B2 F2 U B2 R2 D R' U B D' L D U R' F L
2. R2 D B2 L2 R2 D L2 D' R2 B2 D2 L' B2 U L2 U B' D' L' F' R2
3. D2 L2 U B2 U' R2 B2 U R2 F2 D L B2 F2 L U F' D2 F L U
4x4x4 Blindfolded
Rw' D' L2 R2 B Uw' Rw R2 D2 U B2 U' L2 Rw2 R D' Rw' F2 Uw L' Rw2 Uw' F' Uw2 L Uw' Fw' Rw' B2 L Fw2 Rw R2 Fw' F' R D2 L F' D'
2. Uw2 F' R2 Fw' L Rw' Uw' Fw2 D R Fw Rw2 D R2 Fw Rw' R F L B F' Uw L F' U2 L2 Rw' F2 R Fw D2 U B' F2 L' Uw2 R' Fw2 F Rw'
3. B' L B' L Rw R D U' L' B' Fw2 F' Uw R Fw2 Rw Uw L R B D B F R Uw Rw R Uw Fw2 Rw' B F' Rw2 R' U' L' R2 Fw Rw2 R
5x5x5 Blindfolded
Rw2 U2 Lw' F D2 Dw B D' Bw2 Lw' Dw' Uw' Fw2 Rw2 R Fw Uw' L' Uw' Bw Fw' Dw2 Fw Rw2 Uw2 Lw2 Bw2 Dw' U Bw F' R' Fw' U2 Fw' F' Lw Rw' Dw' Uw R' U2 Bw Rw Fw2 Rw2 Bw Fw D2 Dw F' L2 D' Dw2 Lw' R2 F Rw' Dw2 U'
2. Bw2 U2 Fw2 L2 Rw2 B' R' F Uw' U2 Lw U Lw2 Bw2 L' D2 Dw2 U L D' L2 Rw2 R Bw' R Bw2 Uw Lw' Rw B' F2 Lw' B2 Bw Dw' B D2 U Lw2 F Lw' Rw2 F Dw2 B2 Dw F2 Lw F' Dw' B2 Lw B R' Dw' L2 B Uw Rw' Dw'
3. Lw2 Rw R B2 Uw R' Fw2 Dw R2 Bw2 Lw2 D' Uw R2 Dw Rw2 D' L Rw R D' Dw Bw U' B2 L2 Lw Rw B2 F' Rw' U Fw F' L' Rw2 B2 F Rw2 B' D2 Lw' Rw2 Uw2 Lw2 Uw2 B U2 F Dw Bw' F2 L2 Rw Dw' U2 B2 L2 R2 D
6x6x6 Blindfolded
2B 3U' 2F F 2R B' U R 2F D 2D' 2B' U' R2 3F' 2U 2L B2 D' 2L B' 2L' 2R' 2U 3R2 3F2 2D2 L2 F 2L' 2D' 2F2 2D' 2L2 2D 2L' 2D 3U' 2U L' 2R2 2D2 F' D2 3R 2R' 2D' U F' 2L2 2D' U' B2 3F' 2F2 3R 2D' 3U2 2U2 U' L' 2D2 3U2 L 2R' B F2 2D' 2R R
7x7x7 Blindfolded
L2 2F' 3L2 D2 B' L2 2F2 2L2 2B 2L 3F2 2F 3L2 R' U2 F2 3U 3B2 2L' 3B2 2F2 D' 3R' R' 2B 3F 3D2 3L2 D' 2F' 2L2 B2 L2 3B' 3D2 2F2 F2 3D' 2U' F L2 2L2 U 3R2 2D2 2B2 R2 B 3L2 3B' 3D2 B' 2L 2F2 3D 3R2 2F 3L U' B' 2R' 3F2 U2 B' R' 3D B' 2F' 3U2 L2 F 2D 3D 2L2 R2 B D' B 3B2 2L 2B R' D2 L' 2D 3U' 2U R' 2F 2L2 2R' 3D' 3F' D2 3D2 3R' D2 2D 3U' 2U
3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded
U2 R2 U2 L2 B2 L2 R2 D B2 R2 U' L R D' F2 L' B' R' F2 U2 F2
2. U' F2 R2 B2 U F2 L2 U' B2 F2 L2 R' F L2 F2 R2 F' U L U R'
3. L2 B2 D F2 U' R2 D2 U R2 U2 F2 L F D' B' F' L R' F' L2 R2
4. F2 L2 U L2 U R2 D' B2 U B2 D' B R' F2 U2 B L2 U L B' R'
5. D2 B U2 F' U2 B2 U2 L2 F2 U2 F' L' R' U2 B D2 L F' D' B R'
6. R2 B' R2 B L2 U2 F D2 F2 U2 F L B' F L2 U2 R' D' R2 B F
7. B2 R2 D F B2 U L U2 D R' L2 D2 F U2 R2 B' L2 B2 U2 B L2
8. D B2 L2 D2 L2 U F2 U2 B2 R2 U B' L2 U' L' D' R D B2 U F2
9. U2 L2 D2 U2 F2 R' F2 R2 D2 L D2 B' F2 D' L' F' D' B' D2 L D'
10. L' D2 F B' U2 R D L' D2 L D L2 D L2 B2 D' F2 B2 U' B2 D'
11. U2 B' R2 U2 B U2 B' L2 B L2 R' B2 F L B2 D F2 L' U2
12. F D2 L2 B2 F' D2 U2 F' U2 R2 F' U' L2 U F L2 R F2 U L' R
13. L2 R2 B2 U F2 L2 D' L2 B2 F2 R' F' R' D2 R D2 U' L2 B' L' R2
14. F2 D2 F2 D2 F D2 L2 F2 L2 R2 F2 R' B F2 L2 U L U B' U' R'
15. U2 B2 F2 L U2 F2 L D2 B2 D2 R' F L2 B' R' D B' R2 B' U2
16. B2 F2 D2 F2 D' R2 D F2 U2 F2 U R F' D' B L' F' R2 U' F' D2
17. L2 D R2 F2 D' F2 D' R2 B2 D' F2 R' U B2 L' D2 F R B' U' R
18. L2 D' F2 L2 D L2 D' R2 U' F2 D2 B R' F2 D R' B F D' L2 B
19. U2 L' B' U' F2 D2 R L D F2 B R2 L2 U2 R2 F L2 B2
20. L2 D' U' F2 R2 F2 L2 D B2 D R2 B' R2 F' L' B2 U' L R U' L'
21. F2 L2 B2 U2 R2 U2 L2 F' U2 L2 B D L' D' U' B2 U R' B2 U2
22. B2 L2 B2 D2 R2 F2 D2 F2 R' U2 R' F' L' D F2 U2 F' L' F' R F'
23. B' R2 B' L2 B2 L2 D2 B' F2 R2 F D L B R' U2 F U F2 D2 U2
24. B2 D2 R2 B' L2 B L2 D2 U2 R2 B U R U B2 F2 U' B2 L U2
25. L D2 F2 R' F2 L B2 F2 L R' B F' R' D' R2 B L2 D' L F
26. L2 U2 F2 L B2 L U2 R B2 R2 U2 F' R2 U' L R' B U' L D' L
27. F2 L' B2 F2 R2 D2 L' F2 R' F2 U' B' R2 U' L2 B2 R2 F R U' F2
28. U F2 R2 U2 L2 U' R2 F2 D' R2 U2 R U B' F' D2 B2 R' B L D'
29. U2 L2 B' L2 F D2 B U2 R2 F2 L U B' U L D U' R2 U2 B'
30. B2 R2 B2 U2 L2 D' R2 D F2 D B2 F D2 F' D B' L' D U R2 D2
31. F2 U2 R2 F R2 B R2 B2 L2 B' F' D F' L F2 U' R2 D U B'
32. U2 L U' F2 D2 L U2 L2 D' F' R2 D' L2 D R2 D' F2 L2 U' L2 D'
33. F L' U B' L2 F B' L D F' L2 B2 U F2 D B2 U2 R2 F2 U' B2
34. L F2 L2 R' D2 B2 R2 U2 R' D2 R' D' R' F L F2 U2 B2 F2 U R'
35. B L2 F L2 U F D' L D' F' U2 F U2 F' U2 D2 F2 R2 D2
36. F2 U R2 U F2 L2 B2 U2 L2 F2 D2 R F' R' F L B U' F' D' U
37. B' L2 F' D2 F' U2 B D2 B L2 F2 L B D F' U2 L D' B2 D F
38. R' F2 U2 F2 L U2 R B2 R' D2 U' F L' U2 B' L B2 D F D
39. F2 D2 B R2 U2 R2 B' L2 B' R2 F' U F2 U2 B F L U F' D2 L'
40. U2 F2 U2 R2 F R2 F U2 F U2 R' D2 B' D' B' U R' F' D2 F
3x3x3 One Handed
L2 U' L2 F2 U' B2 U B2 U' L2 D' R U B U2 F R' B F2 L' R'
2. L2 D F2 R2 B2 U2 L2 U R2 U2 B U R D' R2 F' L B' D R' U'
3. U' L2 U F2 L2 B2 U' B2 D B2 U2 L' B' D2 R2 F R U L B' D
4. U' F2 D' F2 L2 B2 F2 U2 B2 D L' R D F' U B D2 L2 R B' D'
5. U2 B2 L2 F2 L F2 R D2 R' F2 L2 F U R B' F' U B' F2 U2
3x3x3 With Feet
F2 D F2 L2 R2 D' R2 B2 U2 R2 B2 F L B' D L' B' D2 L' B2 F
2. U2 L2 D2 U2 B' D2 B U2 B U2 F' L D' R U F' D' L' R2 B' R
3. R2 F' R2 B U2 F' R2 D2 F' L2 F L B2 D R2 D' B' F' L D'
4. U' R' B' D F B L' U' B2 L2 U' L2 U2 D' B2 L2 B2 L2
5. B L2 F' U2 B U2 F2 L2 U2 F' U2 R B2 U' L B' L2 B R B F'
3x3x3 Match the scramble
R2 F2 R2 U2 F2 D2 F2 U F2 L2 U2 L' F' U B L2 B' U B L U
2. L2 R D2 B2 L2 B2 L B2 R D2 R' F' U L2 B U2 F R B U
3. U2 L2 D2 B' L' U D2 F D2 L F2 U' L2 D2 B2 D B2 L2 F2 U' F2
4. B' R2 B' R2 D2 F2 D2 U2 F2 L2 F2 L D2 B U L2 F' D' R2
5. B' D2 B R2 D2 B' L2 U2 L2 B' L' R2 F D L' U R B' U L'
3x3x3 Fewest Moves
F R' L U F2 R U2 F B2 R U B2 U2 D F2 U' L2 U2 R2 B2
2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 Relay
R2 F' R' U' F R2 F U' R' U2
3. D2 L2 D F2 D B2 L2 D' R2 U' R2 F' D L' D2 L' F' L' D' R'
4. U' L R2 B2 Fw2 F L2 D' L D U Fw2 R' Uw' L R' B' F2 U2 R' D Uw' U2 Fw Rw2 Uw2 U' B Fw' U2 F U' B' F Uw2 R B2 Rw' U2 Fw'
2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 + 5x5x5 Relay
U F2 U F' R2 F' R F R'
3. U L B' L' F2 L2 F L' D2 R' F2 D B2 U2 F2 R2 F2 U L2 U2 B2
4. F2 Uw U L' R2 B' Rw' B2 L2 Rw' Fw' Uw2 U2 B2 L2 Uw2 F D2 F' D2 L2 Uw U Rw' B Fw Uw' Fw2 F2 D Uw B2 Fw' F L R2 B Uw L' B'
5. L Lw2 Bw Fw2 Dw Uw' R' Bw2 Uw Fw' D Dw R' D2 Rw2 D2 Lw' Bw2 L' Fw Uw B2 Fw' Rw' Fw2 D2 Lw2 Dw2 U' F2 Lw2 Dw' Uw Lw2 Rw R2 Uw R2 B F2 R2 Fw2 R Uw2 Lw2 F2 Lw B2 Bw Dw L U Lw' B' Rw' Dw2 Fw' Rw Dw Uw'
2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 + 5x5x5 + 6x6x6 relay:
U2 F R2 U' R2 U F2 U' F'
3: B2 L F' D2 L' B2 U B R' L2 U B' D2 R' F D' L2 B2 U' F' D' F' R' F2 D2
4: Fw Uw2 F D' Rw' Uw2 D2 Fw' L' R' Rw2 D' Rw2 U F U D R U Fw' R2 F' L B R Fw2 F2 Rw' U' F2 U2 Uw2 L' B2 Fw' D2 Uw U2 B2 F2
5: D2 Uw2 Dw2 L Bw2 Uw Fw' U2 D' L2 U Uw B' R' Bw B2 Fw' Dw2 Fw D2 L2 U Dw L2 Rw B2 Rw' B2 R2 L' D2 R' U' B' Rw' L Dw2 B' Fw2 Uw Dw Fw' U2 Bw B' Fw' U Lw2 R2 Fw2 U F' B Bw' D2 Uw' R' Fw' D2 F
6: B' R2 2U 2B 2R 2U2 D2 U 2L 2D' 2R 2U 3R' F2 2B R2 B 2B F 3R' R D 2R' 2L 3F' 2U2 2D U2 2R' 2F 2U2 L 2R B' 2L R' 2F L2 2B' 2R R' 2B F' 2L2 2R B' 2L L 3F2 U2 2U2 2R U' D 3U2 2R2 3R2 B' 3F' U2 2U2 3U' 2F' F 3R D 2U' R' L 2D' F' D2 2L' U' 2B U 2R 3R F' U
2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 + 5x5x5 + 6x6x6 + 7x7x7 relay:
U' F2 U R U' R2 F R2 U'
3: U' D L R U D2 F' D' B2 F' U2 R' D F' U' D L2 D B2 U2 F R2 D' R' B2
4: Rw2 L' D2 U' Rw' R' B2 D2 R2 F2 B2 L Rw D Fw' F2 D2 Uw Rw Uw2 Rw F B R2 B' L U2 Uw2 B R L' Rw Uw D' R U' B' L F2 U'
5: Dw2 F' L2 F2 U' B L' D' F R U2 D' L' F R2 F2 Rw L R2 Dw' R Uw U2 Lw' Rw F' Dw2 Uw2 B2 D R' Lw' B Fw Uw' U2 D2 R' Rw2 F2 L' Fw' F Dw' B2 Dw U2 B D Fw B2 D Bw2 L' Fw' F L Uw L2 U2
6: 2F2 3U2 D 2R2 L' 2F2 2B' R 2U2 R L B 3U 2U2 2L2 R 2R' L 3U U' B2 D2 3U' B' 2D D 2R' U' 2L2 3U B' L2 D' 2U2 R2 F 2U2 U2 R' 3F R' U 3R2 3U' 2U2 B 2B 2U L2 D' 2U 2D2 U 3U2 3F2 2L L2 2U L R' 2F2 3R 2D 2U' 3R2 3F2 U' 2L2 2F' 2D' 2F' 2D2 D' 3U2 2F 2L2 3U' F2 3F' 2D
7: 3L 2R' 2F' 2L U 2D L' 2U' U 3D' 2B' 3D F U2 B2 U2 F 2F U2 D 2F' 2L 3B 2L B2 2F' 3L' 3F2 B' 3B' 2B' 3R2 2L' 3U' R2 2D R 2D' 2U2 3R' F 3R 2L2 2B2 3L2 3U' 3F2 2R' 3B2 2U' 2L 2U 3U2 L D' 3L' 3U' L2 3L 2B2 3U2 U' 2R 3D2 3R2 2D2 3B2 3R' B' 2R' 3F F 3U' D' L 3L B' 3F' F2 2L' F' L2 D' R2 3R L' 2U2 2L' 3U F' 3R2 F' 2B 3R 3U 3F 2U 2F D 2U'
Mini Guildford
R F U' F' R F' R' F
3: U' R U2 B D2 F' D2 L B' D2 F' R2 U F' D R' L F' U' B' D' U' R2 L2 U'
4: F B2 D R' U' B2 R' B2 U' D' Uw2 Rw D2 L2 R' Fw2 D' F' L' U L Rw' R Uw' B2 Fw2 F Uw2 F2 L' U2 B2 Uw2 F B Uw Fw' Rw U Rw
5: Rw' B2 Fw Uw2 R2 F Lw' U B R2 L D' Lw' F2 Lw B Uw R Bw Uw2 Fw2 L2 B2 D2 Bw' R' D2 L Lw Dw2 R U' F' B' Uw2 F' U Uw2 D2 Bw' F2 Rw F' Lw' U2 L' F Bw2 R2 Bw2 Rw R2 F2 B2 Fw U2 Bw' Fw2 Rw' Bw'
OH: D' F D2 B2 L B L' R2 B D2 R2 B U2 R F L F' L' D B' L2 B' U2 B2 R'
Clock: UR0+ DR0+ DL4- UL1+ U5- R4- D4+ L4- ALL2+ y2 U5+ R4+ D3+ L3- ALL2+ UR DR UL
Mega: R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- U
R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- U'
R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ U'
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ U'
R-- D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U
R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U'
Pyra: U B R' B' U' R U' B l' r' b u
Skewb: U L' B L U L B L'
Square-1: (1,-1) / (0,-3) / (6,3) / (0,-3) / (1,0) / (-1,0) / (5,6) / (3,0) / (0,1) / (5,-5) / (6,0) / (0,6) / (5,1) / (-4,6) / (6,0) / (0,3) / (3,-2)

UR3+ DR4+ DL6+ UL3+ U0+ R2+ D2- L1+ ALL2+ y2 U2- R1- D3+ L3+ ALL4+ UR DL
2. UR1- DR2+ DL4+ UL3+ U0+ R5- D6+ L2+ ALL0+ y2 U1- R4+ D4+ L3- ALL6+ UL
3. UR4+ DR2- DL3+ UL2+ U4+ R5- D2+ L3+ ALL3- y2 U2- R4+ D0+ L0+ ALL0+ UR DR DL
4. UR1+ DR3- DL3+ UL6+ U1- R5- D1+ L4+ ALL1- y2 U5+ R1+ D0+ L3+ ALL1- DL UL
5. UR4- DR0+ DL5- UL4+ U1- R1- D2- L3- ALL5+ y2 U5+ R1- D2+ L1- ALL5+ DR DL

R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U' x2
R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ U x2
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- U' x2
R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ U'
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ U' x2
R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U x2
R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ U x2
R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ U x2
R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ U x2
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U' x2
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ U'
R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- U x2
R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- U' x2
R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ U' x2
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- U
R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U' x2
R-- D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ U x2
R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U x2
R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U

R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U
R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
2. R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ U
R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ U
3. R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
4. R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- U'
R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ U
5. R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- U'
R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ U
R-- D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
L U R' U L' B R' r b
2. L R L B' R' L R' r u
3. U' L U R' L B U' L U' l' b u'
4. U' L B' U R B' R' L' U l' r' b u
5. U L' U B' R' U L l' b u'
(1, 0) / (0, -3) / (2, -1) / (-2, 1) / (0, -3) / (2, -1) / (4, 4) / (6, 0) / (-3, 0) / (5, 0) / (-3, 0) / (-2, 5) / (0, -4) / (-4, -3) /
2. (1, -3) / (2, -1) / (0, -3) / (3, -3) / (-5, 4) / (6, 0) / (3, 0) / (-1, 2) / (3, 1) / (-3, 0) / (-2, -1) / (2, 3) / (-4, 0) / (0, 3)
3. (0, -1) / (-2, 1) / (0, -3) / (2, -1) / (1, -2) / (0, 3) / (5, 2) / (-3, -2) / (-3, 3) / (6, 0) / (3, 0)
4. (1, 0) / (-1, -4) / (0, 3) / (4, 1) / (-1, -4) / (3, 0) / (-2, 1) / (2, -1) / (3, 1) / (0, -3) / (-2, 5) / (0, 4) / (-4, -4)
5. (3, 2) / (-2, 1) / (-1, -4) / (4, 1) / (-4, -1) / (1, 4) / (5, -1) / (0, -3) / (0, 1) / (-3, 0) / (-2, 5) / (6, 2) / (0, 2)
L' D R U' L' D R' D' R' D' U'
2. D L U' D' U L' D' L R D' U'
3. R D' L U R L' D' L' R' D' U'
4. R U D' L R D' R' U L D' U'
5. D R U' L' D L U D L' D' U'
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Premium Member
Jul 11, 2008
Bergshamra, Sweden
2BLD: 18.96 [8.30], 49.16[16.70], 45.52[24.02]
3BLD: 1:25.02 [28], DNF(1:28.09), 1:33.68[47]
4BLD: DNF, DNF, 8:46.36 :(
5BLD: DNF (2x), 14:24.28 [9:14], DNF [80-90%]
6BLD: DNF, fast [27:43], but a mess
7BLD: DNF [58:20] not too bad, two obvious slice errors.
Multi: 6/6 in 25:15 [17:51]

2x2: 13.74, 11.87, 16.45, 14.93, 19.38
3x3: 34.86, 33.33, 38.38, 47.23, 38.69
4x4: 2:31.31, 2:18.54, 2:46.86, 2:33.12, 2:16.66 :(
5x5: 3:46.36, 4:27.29, 3:51.09, 3:57.50, 3:43.86
6x6: 8:05.02, 7:50.99, 7:43.52, 7:13.86, 8:43.20
7x7: 13:04, 13:19, 11:49, 11:46, 13:26

2-4: 2:41.82 good, after 23 sec on the 2x2 :)
2-5: 7:42.85, bad 5x5
2-6: 16:43.67 bad throughout
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Lili Martin

Aug 7, 2015
2x2 : (8.03), 10.13, 20.26, 9.88, (23.15) = 13.42
3x3 : 39.18, 29.73, (29.42), 32.79, (43.20) = 33.90
4x4 : 2:13.29, 2:12.78, (1:49.12),2:09.54, (2:17.66) = 2:11.87
5x5 : (3:52.56), (4:18.28), 4:11.28, 4:00.25,4:13.61 = 4:08.38
6x6 : (9:06.86), 8:48.54, 8:38.91, (7:46.73), 7:52.06 = 8:26.50
7x7 : 12:19.31, 13:26.56, 12:17.88, (13:55.07), (12:11.80) = 12:41.25
2-4 relay : 3:02.48
2-5 relay : 7:08.92
2-6 relay : 15:38.05
2-7 relay : 30:37.07
Mini Guildford : 20:58.80
OH : 1:25.14, (1:20.20), 1:48.65,1:45.78, (2:28.71) = 1:39.86
clock : (2:19.46), 1:06.72, 1:01.71, (53.22), 1:20.36 = 1:09.60
megaminx : 4:55.81, (4:56.06),4:28.63, (4:14.58), 4:36.04 = 4:40.16
kilominx : (1:58.74),1:34.92, 1:43.74, (1:25.72),1:40.33 = 1:39.66
pyraminx : (57.17), 52.29,40.07, (32.02), 40.18 = 44.18
square-1 : 3:16.48, 3:35.40, (4:07.31), (1:57.31), 2:02.87 = 2:58.25
skewb : 15.12, 10.29, (19.43), (8.46), 14.92 = 13.44
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Jan 8, 2013
2x2 : (3.69), (6.06), 4.79, 4.38, 3.69 = 4.29
3x3 : 13.28, (14.30), 11.47, 14.19, (8.62) = 12.98
4x4 : 52.71, 47.35, (53.35), 51.70, (45.12) = 50.59
5x5 : 1:33.96, 1:37.21, 1:42.24, (1:43.73), (1:23.90) = 1:37.80
6x6 : (2:35.08), (3:01.13), 2:42.47, 2:37.22, 2:56.03 = 2:45.24
7x7 : (3:45.41), (4:10.96), 4:09.24, 3:50.93, 4:00.16 = 4:00.11
2BLD : 32.26, 42.47, DNF = 32.26
3BLD : 2:37.72, 3:09.66, 2:06.80 = 2:06.80
4BLD : DNF (13:32), 17:49, DNS = 17:49
5BLD : 33:10.87, DNS, DNS = 33:10.87
Multi BLD : 2/3 (18:10)
OH : 36.23, (45.88), 38.20, 35.75, (32.67) = 36.73
3x3 WF : (8:59.38), 6:04.12, (4:40.46), 6:04.77, 4:44.56 = 5:37.82
MTS : (51.34), (41.59), 44.05, 45.77, 44.77 = 44.86
2-4 Relay : 1:10.81
2-5 Relay : 2:53.92
2-6 Relay : 6:01.63
2-7 Relay : 9:30.31
Mini Guildford : 6:14.84
Clock : (19.46), 16.87, 18.50, 18.81, (16.04) = 18.06
Kilominx : 43.28, 35.74, (46.76), 35.97, (34.45) = 38.33
Megaminx : 1:27.72, (1:34.66), (1:23.92), 1:26.19, 1:27.38 = 1:27.10
Pyraminx : 5.99, 6.05, 5.94, (8.24), (5.78) = 5.99
Square-1 : 25.52, 21.55, (15.86), 24.63, (28.40) = 23.90
Skewb : 8.01, 6.29, (8.16), (4.50), 7.57 = 7.29
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Feb 11, 2015
São Paulo, Brazil, Brazil
2x2x2: (7.48) 10.56 (12.21) 8.36 7.79 = 8.90 // Nice last solve
3x3x3: 33.37 34.43 (36.91) (26.20) 33.04 = 33.61 // bad as it gets
4x4x4: 3:46.43 (3:07.98) 3:27.32 3:27.86 (3:54.79) = 3:33.87 // good
5x5x5: 7:02.36 (8:30.97) (6:34.68) 6:56.26 8:20.61 = 7:26.41 // good
2BLD: 1:52.98 (2:17.22) (DNF) = 1:52.98 // meh(2)
OH: (45.41) (1:42.52) 1:04.55 1:01.85 56.04 = 1:00.81 // right handed
FM: 33 // full solution in spoiler bellow
Skewb: (25.93) 33.88 (43.95) 35.73 39.72 = 36.44 // meh

R' D B' D2 // 1X2X2 + 2 PAIRS
(D' B2) // pseudo 2X2X2 + 2 PAIRS
U B // 2X2X2 + 2 PAIRS
L' U' F* U // 2X2X2 + 1X2X2
F2 // F2L-2
L U L' U R U R' // F2L-1 + PAIR
B' U' B // EO
L U' L' U' // AB3C
* - L D' L' U L D L' U' // solves all corners
Final solution:
R' D B' D2 U B L' U' F L D' L' U L D L' F2 L U L' U R U R' B' U' B L U' L' U' B2 D
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Isaac Lai

Dec 21, 2014
2x2: (4.45), 3.39, (2.53), 3.01, 2.64 = 3.01
9.90, 9.80, (12.15), 10.85, (9.65) = 10.18
41.02, (45.43), (35.88), 45.26, 38.48 = 41.58 // Never do an event without first warming up
5x5: (1:33.08), 1:23.06, 1:28.05, (1:16.42), 1:21.92 = 1:24.34
3:12.40, 3:19.03, (3:32.42), (3:07.13), 3:29.06 = 3:20.16
DNF, DNF, 6.06 = 6.06
(16.90), 18.73, (27.86), 19.89, 17.86 = 18.83
2-4 relay: 54.68
2-5 relay: 2:34.12
(1:04.53), 1:01.81, 53.74, (48.35), 56.03 = 57.20
(7.72), 5.94, 5.12, 5.95, (5.04) = 5.67
(15.57), 18.13, 16.11, (21.01), 18.11 = 17.45
(7.39), 5.42, 6.68, 5.06, (4.97) = 5.72
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Dec 24, 2015
222: 8.90, (9.97), (5.53), 6.50, 5.96 = 7.12
333: (15.52), (19.27), 17.77, 17.06, 18.10 = 17.65
444: 55.99, (1:03.35), 1:01.87, (46.46), 1:00.06 = 59.31 // OLL skip on first solve, easy ZBLL on fourth solve, double parity on second and third solves
555: 2:14.40, 2:07.53, 2:17.58, (2:17.66), (1:59.75) = 2:13.18 // EPLL skip on the last solve
666: (5:54.09), 7:00.28, (8:48.51), 6:19.80, 6:20.53 = 6:33.54 // lol
777: 6:36.93, 6:30.10, 6:51.74, (7:10.13), (6:14.33) = 6:39.60
2-3-4 relay: 2:17.66 // tfw your wuque gets an internal pop and is not so 无缺
2-3-4-5 relay: 4:02.72
OH: 38.70, 36.32, (28.74), (42.20), 34.12 = 36.38
Megaminx: 4:10.02, (5:18.96), 4:00.31, (3:38.63), 5:00.21 = 4:23.52
Sq-1: 47.24, 44.83, (39.88), 41.33, (49.91) = 44.47
MBLD: 0/2 14:42.56 // two flipped edges on first cube, corner 5-cycle on second cube
MTS: (1:14.41), (4:08.21), 1:16.50, 1:40.74, 1:38.31 = 1:31.86
FMC: 30
D2 F' R U R F2 U F D F' U F D' R2 F' U2 F2 R2 U L' U' R B R2 B U' B2 D' B L'

D2 // pseudosquares
(L B' D B2 U B' R2 B' R' U L) // 223 + square (12/12)
F' // F2L-1 (1/13)
R U R' // EO (3/16)
F' U2 F U // edges; AB5C (4/20)
Skeleton: D2 F' R U R' F' U2 @ F U L' U' R B R2 B U' B2 D' B L'
@ = U2 F R2 F2 U2 # F R2 F' U2 F2 R2 F' // 2+2-cycle (12−7/25)
# = [U', F D F'] // 3-cycle (8−3/30)

Nice cancellations on the first insertion. I noticed that at that point in the skeleton, I could solve two corners with F sexy3 F', and I happened to know the optimal alg for that ([R' F2 R2 U2 R': F2]), and I noticed that it would cancel a whole bunch of moves if I mirrored that alg and did the AUF first.

Side note: Can we switch to using random-state scrambles for 444? 40 random moves produces easy centre cases too often.
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Feb 13, 2017
3x3 18.75, 23.26, (DNF), 28.55, (16.15) = 23.52
Noo, 28 sec counted. How inconsistent, 12 seconds between the worst and best...

2x2 (4.71), (7.48), 6.58, 5.54, 6.46 = 6.19

4x4 1:32.88, 1:53.58, (1:25.05), 1.59.70, (2.04.17) = 1.48.72

5x5 3:55.97, (4:18.22), (3:40.66), 4:09.09, 3:53.05 = 3:59.37

OH 53.60, (51.75), (58.99), 55.86, 54.66 = 54.71

2-5 5:59.20

2BLD DNF, DNF, 1:00.30

Not much to say, didn't even know what went wrong in the first one, second had a corner flipped incorrectly. :eek:

3BLD DNF, DNF, 3:40.84

Yes! I already thought it's a dnf again but luckily succeeded the last one. Oh yeah, and I've finally moved to M2 edges.

FMC: 46
D' L U' L' D L U L' | corner cycle (had to do insertion in the very beginning 'cause time ran out)
L2 | pre for 2x2x3
F2 L' U' L U' F2 U F2 | pseudo f2l-1
switch to inverse:
U' Fw' U' L' U L Fw | oll
F' U F U F' U' F | f2l
F2 | pre for f2l-1
R U' R' | random pair building
D' L' D L U' | pseudo 2x2x3
B D2 B' R2 L2 U R' U' | 2x2x2

Comments: Terrible blocks, I didn't find any good ones after 2x2x3 (as always). I left myself time to try only one LL option and luckily enough it was quite the best possible one for me (6-move oll and A-perm)

MTS 3:07.09, 3:04.87, 2:50.14, (DNF), (2:15.65) = 3:00.70

(8.85), (11.00), 9.14, 9.24, 9.10 = 9.16
Pretty hard scrambles for me

Skewb 12.03, 11.18, 10.60, (12.70), (9.33) = 11.27

51.37, 46.77, 28.43, (DNF), (28.03) = 42.19
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Feb 23, 2017
Cubing at my desk USA.
2x2: 13.65

1. (19.21)
2. (8.52)
3. 10.55
4. 11.64
5. 18.76

3x3: 42.19

1. 41.55
2. 43.01
3. 41.99
4. (34.90)
5. (49.15)

Pyraminx: 14.21

1. (17.02)
2. 13.54
3. 15.10
4. 13.96
5. (12.77)

This time was great for me :)

One Wheel

Feb 24, 2016
Megaminx: (3:30.15), (4:20.25), 4:00.86, 3:38.87, 4:14.69 = 3:58.14

2-3-4-5-6 Relay
: 14:19.99; 12.79, 48.28, 2:10.53, 3:35.70, 7:32.67 Ouch!
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Sep 22, 2013
Skewb: 10.90, (6.55), (15.90), 6.68, 8.41 = 8.67
(37.64), 56.08, (1:39.15), 38.54, 42.49 = 45.71
2:57.87, (3:56.58), 3:09.70, (2:22.08), 2:56.57 = 3:01.38
: 1:51.20, 1:56.77, (1:46.27), (2:16.09), 1:57.91 = 1:55.30

I should start practising some events other than FMC and Skewb... :)

U' R' U F U2 F2 U' F U F' D' F U' F' B2 U2 L D L' U2 D2 L B D' R' B' R B D L B L' D2

U' R' U F U2 F2 U' ** // 222 (7/7)
D' B2 L * // 223 (3/10)
D L' D2 L // PF2L-1 (4/14)
(D2) // F2L -1 (1/15)
(L B' L' D' B' R' B R D B') // L3C (10/25)

This left me with 3 twisted corners. So, two insertions, cancelling a total of 8 moves:
Insert at *:
L' U2 L D L' U2 L D' // L3C (2/27)
Insert at **:
F U F' D' F U' F' D (6/33)
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Jun 30, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
2x2: 2.93 3.30 3.63 2.32 4.52
3x3: 13.40 11.04 9.65 10.00 9.55 = 10.24
4x4: 46.76 43.09 55.02 49.80 46.34 = 47.64
5x5: 1:33.63 1:43.10 1:44.07 1:40.54 1:41.97 = 1:41.87
7x7: 5:47.49 5:36.31 5:11.58 5:26.43 5:28.71 = 5:30.49 All PBs :)
OH: 19.74 19.37 20.74 17.48 25.01 = 19.95
Megaminx: 1:42.20 1:49.11 1:31.12 1:42.10 1:32.23 = 1:38.85
2-4: 1:01.49 4x4 with DP :(
2-5: 3:01.94
2-6: 6:37.69 Lol had a 2:41 2-5 which left a very poor 6x6 stage
Kilominx: 43.69 49.36 1:02.14 47.00 45.98 = 47.45
Pyraminx: 4.15 4.21 4.94 4.64 3.62 = 4.34
Skewb: 7.76 8.26 6.91 9.62 10.00 = 8.55 Crap could've been sub 8 average oh well
Square-1: 23.42 29.47 24.02 22.45 25.38 = 24.28 0.15 OFF PB!!
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Ordway Persyn

Sep 24, 2014
Mimal the Elf's boot
Ordway Persyn
2x2: 3.97, (5.16), (3.93), 4.78, 3.94 = 4.23
3x3: (11.68), 12.05, 15.61, 11.73, (DNF) = 13.13 // could have been a lot better
4x4: 53.86, (1:10.32), 1:03.36, 1:01.22, (53.49) = 59.48 // Bad
5x5: 1:39:00, (1:46.77), 1:42.20, 1:44.96, (1:34.18) = 1:42.05
(34.86), 41.19, (DNF), 1;10.29, 38.24 = 49.85 // I hate V perms
Pyraminx: 11.59, (8.57) 8.90, (DNF) 9.57 = 10.02
Skewb: 7.09, (12.71), (5.90), 7.89, 10.81 = 8.59
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Apr 5, 2017
2x2: (4.95), (7.44), 7.15, 5.69, 5.65 = 6.18
3x3: (22.06), (27.85), 22.88, 23.83, 23.14 = 23.28
4x4: (2:24.76), (1:48.54), 2:24.71, 2:02.33, 2:04.26 = 2:10.43
2-4 Relay: 2:53.52
Pyraminx: 10.58, 11.16, 10.91, (11.26), (9.40) = 10.88


Nov 20, 2014
2x2: 3.22, 2.26, 3.35, 3.45, 2.00 = 2.94
3x3: 9.666, 8.75, 8.92, 8.21, 9.551 = 9.07
4x4: 38.86, 39.26, 38.42, 48.20, 37.96 = 38.84
5x5: 1:07.18, 1:16.30, 1:19.45, 1:17.57, 1:18.27 = 1:17.38
Clock: 10.94, 11.09, 10.28, DNF, 10.64 = 10.89
Sq1: 10.61, 13.11, 9.72, 11.84, 12.91 = 11.78 // No parity
Pyra: 3.87, 2.41, 3.92, 5.24, 3.74 = 3.84
Skewb: 2.41, 3.11, 3.41, 3.89, 3.11 = 3.21
OH: 19.80, 22.68, 20.07, 18.21, 20.15 = 20.00
Mega: 1:01.8, 1:02.31, 1:01.71, 1:31.17, 59.28 = 1:01.94 // Really nice
Mini Guildford: 4:33.21 (PB)
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Feb 26, 2013
Maribor (Slovenia)
3x3x3 Fewest Moves: 32

L' F D2 L D2 L2 U R D2 B' R' B' R B D B D' B R' B' R B2 R2 B L B' R2 B L' B' D2 L'

Premoves: D2 L'
L' F // 2x2x1
D2 L D2 // another 2x2x1
L2 U // 2x2x2
R // 2x2x3
D2 // F2L-1
B' R' B' R // LL 2x2x1
B D B D' B R' B' R // all but 3 corners
B2 R2 B L B' R2 B L' B' //A-perm


Mar 18, 2017
hopefully i can compeat more once i get my skewb and pyraminx


Jan 4, 2014
2x2x2: (3.19), (4.11), 3.84, 3.19, 4.07 = 3.70
3x3x3: 9.18, 11.22, (13.01), (9.11), 12.01 = 10.81
4x4x4: (37.71), 46.02, 40.39, 44.93, (46.63) = 43.78
5x5x5: (1:23.57), 1:25.05, 1:25.60, 1:29.36, (1:45.25) = 1:26.67 PB :)
6x6x6: 3:13.38, 3:17.17, (2:52.14), 2:54.73, (3:26.28) = 3:08.43 PB :) :)
3x3x3 OH: (15.56), (29.31), 22.12, 18.96, 18.18 = 19.75
Pyraminx: 5.66, (4.19), 7.09, (10.26), 4.97 = 5.91

Will probably add more later.