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Weekly competition 2010-06


Premium Member
Jul 6, 2006
Rotterdam (actually Capelle aan den IJssel), the N
Thread starter #1
All current (new) scramblers from the WCA are used.
  • For all 3x3x3 events (including FMC) Cube Explorer was used to generate a random position and provide an inverse scramble (generator) for that position.
  • For all cubes > 3x3x3 (mediumcubes) a "w" means "Wide" so you turn not just the slice, but also the outer layer.
  • For all cubes > 5x5x5 (bigcubes) normally a subscript number indicates the amount of layers to turn like a wide turn. U32 would mean to turn the the U layer and the 2 layers beneath it (3 in total) a half turn. However, this forum doesn't support subscript, so I transform the default notation to "3U2" notation which also means "turn the 3 uppermost layers a half turn".
  • For Megaminx R and D are "double layer moves of the entire megaminx. The U moves are normal U moves, not "double layer" or cube rotations
  • For Square1 the new notation is not entirely clear about when to perform a slice/half-turn. I adjusted the scrambles so that no slice-turns are to be performed at the beginning or the end (unless the scramble begins or ends with (0,0))
  • Clock hasn't changed, but just so you know: UddU u=-1,d=5 would mean Up-Left-pin is Up, Up-Right-pin is Down, Down-Left-pin is Down, Down-Right-pin is Up and that you need to turn a corner that has its pin up rotated counterclockwise by 1 hour and that you need to turn a corner that has its pin down rotated clockwise by 5 hours
  • Pyraminx small letters are for the tips
Just to make sure everyone understands: We follow the official WCA rules for all events. Here are some things that people often don't know:
  • For multiple blind you can choose how many cubes you are going to do (let me know if 15 scrambles is not enough). If you choose 5 cubes you have to use the first 5 scrambles.
  • For one-handed you can use both hands during inspection
  • For with feet you can only use feet during inspection
  • For 3x3x3 Fewest Moves there is a 1 hour time limit.
  • For relay you have 15 seconds of inspection in total, you can use any order to solve the cubes and the rest of the relay-rules should be obvious
For every event you participate in you will be rewarded points. You will also be rewarded points according to your ranking. Because this is quite a complicated system you can read about it in this thread. The results of the competition will be available as soon as possible after the competition closes at the end of the thread.

If you think other events should be added to this competition you can influence that in the 2008: Other events for Weekly competition thread

This competition starts now and ends wednesday/thursday nightchange (officialy), but I will only close a competition after the new one is on-line. If a competition doesn't start at wednesday/thursday nightchange you still get the full 7 days to participate.

1. U2 R' F2 U' R2 U R F2 U'
2. R2 U2 F R U2 R U R2 F'
3. U F2 R2 U' F U2 R U'
4. R U2 R2 F' U' R' F R U2
5. R2 F R' F' U F2 U2

1. D2 L' B2 L2 U2 R' U2 F2 L' R U' B F D B2 D' B U2 R F' D'
2. L2 U2 F2 U2 R2 F L2 F' U2 B' F' L2 R' U F R F L D F2 L
3. U B2 U L2 F2 U F2 L U' L R D U' L' F' L U2 L U'
4. R2 B2 R2 D' B2 F2 R2 D' L2 R2 F' D U' B' U R2 U2 R' D' U R'
5. R2 B L2 F U2 R2 F2 R2 B2 R2 U' F' D2 R' F' D B U F2 D2 F'

1. Uw2 Rw2 Fw2 L2 R Fw' R' Fw2 R2 D' Fw U' L' Uw2 R2 B2 F2 Uw R U2 Rw' F L B' Fw' Uw' L' R' B F D' F D Fw F' R' F D' Fw' U
2. Fw2 Uw' L2 B' D' Uw2 L Uw2 B D Fw L2 B2 Uw' Fw2 Uw2 U2 Rw2 R2 F' L' U Rw' D Fw' Rw' R2 B' U' Fw' U L' Uw Fw' R Fw' F L R' F2
3. Fw' Uw2 Rw2 U2 Fw' L' Uw U' F2 L2 Rw Fw2 D Uw U Rw' D R2 D Rw F' D' U Fw' D' Uw2 Fw' R2 F2 U Rw R Uw2 L' Fw R' B Fw Rw Uw2
4. L F2 L' B2 Fw' D Fw2 L U2 Rw2 D Fw L' D' U Rw2 U Fw2 L' Rw' B2 Rw' B Fw F2 L' B Fw2 F L' R' F2 Rw Uw2 U F Rw' R' F' R
5. Uw2 Rw2 Uw2 B' Fw2 F L' Rw' R2 D Uw' U2 Fw L F' D Uw2 L' D' Uw Rw' R2 D B' Rw' Fw D2 U B2 Fw2 F' Rw Fw D2 U2 B2 Fw' R' D Uw

1. L2 Fw2 Lw R F' L2 U' L' Rw' Uw U Bw' L2 Rw' Bw Rw R' D2 Rw2 Uw' B2 F2 L B Fw' F' Dw' Fw' Rw D Lw' R' D' L2 Dw Bw2 Rw' F' L2 B2 D2 Rw B' Fw2 Uw' F' D' Dw L2 Dw2 Uw2 L2 D Lw' Dw2 Uw2 Fw2 Lw Uw' L'
2. R2 Dw Lw D L' Rw2 U' Fw' D Uw' R' Dw U B Fw F' Dw' Rw2 R F' U' Lw2 D B' Fw' L' D2 Fw' D' B' Lw2 Dw Bw2 Fw F2 D2 B' R2 Dw' Uw Bw' L' D' Dw' Uw' U' R' B2 L Uw2 F2 R Fw' F' Dw2 Uw' Lw2 Bw U2 R2
3. D Dw U2 Bw' Dw' Fw' Dw2 B2 D U2 F2 U2 R2 D U L2 Rw Uw Bw F L2 Rw2 R Uw2 Fw Dw2 Fw' U2 Lw F2 Uw2 Lw2 Rw R F' Lw2 U' Fw2 F2 D Bw' Fw Rw' R' Fw Lw B' F' L2 U2 B Fw' F' L2 Rw' Dw L2 F R' Uw
4. R' F' Lw' B' Fw' D2 Fw2 L' Bw2 Rw Fw Lw' F2 Rw2 D' Bw F R Dw Rw Bw' D Fw' U' R F Lw' Rw R D Dw2 B' Lw2 D2 L Uw' Rw2 F L' Bw L' R2 Bw2 U L' Uw2 R' D2 U2 Rw2 D2 Rw F' Uw Rw2 B2 D' Dw2 U2 L
5. Bw' Lw2 D2 Uw2 Lw U Bw D' L2 B' U Bw2 R2 B2 Lw' R' U' Bw Dw B2 L2 B Fw' Uw2 U2 Rw' R U2 Fw L2 Rw Dw' Uw2 Rw2 R D' Dw' Uw B Fw2 Dw' L' F' L2 U2 Lw2 R2 Fw' D Uw' Rw' R2 Fw2 Dw2 L R' D' B' Lw Rw

1. L' 3R' 2U' 2L' 2R' R' B' 2D 2L2 U' 2F 3U' 2U L2 D2 3U 2U' 2L' 3U' 3F2 3U' B2 3R2 2R B 2B2 L2 2L 3R2 2D' L 3R2 2R' B 2U2 U2 2R2 F2 D 2D' 3U 2L' R2 D2 F' 2D' 2F2 F2 L 2D2 2L B' 2B 3F 2D' 2R 2U F 3U2 2F2 2L2 2U' U' F2 L F 2U' 3F2 3R' 2R 2D' F2 2D' 3U2 2U 2L2 B 2L' 3R 2F2
2. B' 3R' R2 U 2B' 3U2 L 2L 3R 2R R' 2U L2 2D2 3U U' 2L' 2R2 R 2U2 2L' D' 2R 3F' F 3U2 L 2B L' 3R2 2B2 2L2 2U L2 3R' 2R2 2B 2F R 3F2 2D R 3F' 2R' B2 D' F' U' 2L2 2D' L2 2L' 2R2 2B 2F2 2U 2L2 3U2 B 2B 3F' 2F' 2L' D' L' 2L 3R D 2U2 3R2 3F' 2F 2R 2B 2L2 D' 2R R 2U R2
3. 3R 2U 3F' 2U' 2L' 2U R D2 2D 2U2 2R2 U2 2B' R2 2U' B 2F' D' 3U' 3R' 3U' 2F' 3R' 3U' 3F F 2L2 3R R' D 3F D2 U' B 2U2 3R2 D' 2D' 3F2 2R2 R 2F 3R D2 R 3F' 2D 2L 2R' F 3U' U2 2B 2D2 2L2 F' L2 2L2 B' L2 3R2 2R2 B2 2U' U' 3F2 F2 D2 U L2 3R2 R 3U2 B2 2L 2R' B2 2L' 3R2 2D'
4. 2B2 F2 2D 2F 2L' 3R B 2B2 2F2 2D' B F' L2 3R2 D 2B' L2 2U L2 D R2 3F2 L2 3R 3U' U' B 2B' 3U' 2R R U' 2L R2 D' 3R' D2 R' 3F2 D' 2L' 2U 2F2 2L2 D' 3U U 2L2 F' D2 2D R2 3U 2U' 2L2 R2 2U B2 3U' 2U2 3F' 2F' 2R2 D2 U B' 2R 2B2 2R2 3F' 2D' 3U' U2 F' 3U2 2L2 3R' F' 3U' B2
5. 2R R D 2L R2 D2 2D2 2U 3R 2U' 2R2 3F 2F' L 3F' 2U L2 3U2 U 2L' U' B L2 3R2 2B2 R' F' 2D 3R' 2F 3R D' B' 3R 2F 2D2 2U 2L D' 3U' L' R 2U 2B' 2U' F' U 3F F 3R 2F2 3U2 U2 2B L2 2U' 2B' D 3F L2 3U2 2U' 3R2 3F U L2 U 2L2 F' R2 2B2 3F' 2R' D 2R' B' 2B2 F2 3R U

1. 2B' 3L' D2 2B2 3L D2 2D2 U' 3B2 3L2 2B' 2F 3D2 3U2 3L' 3F2 2D 2L2 3U' U' 2B 2U2 B' 2B2 2F2 F2 3L2 3R 3U2 3B2 2U2 B 3F' 2D2 2L2 2U' 2B 3U' 2L 2F 2R 3U' 2F D' 2L' R' 3F 2R2 U' F 3R' 3U' 3L 2R' R2 B2 L' R2 F2 L' 2L' 2R 3U' 3R2 3D F' 2U 3R' 2U' 2B F2 L2 R2 2B2 2D' 3F' 3L' B2 2D2 3D2 3R2 2F2 D2 U2 L 2L2 2R 3U' U' 2L' 3U' 2U 2R 3F2 2L' 3L' 2D 3D 3F' U
2. D' 2B 3B 3D 2L2 B' 3R 3D' 3U2 U' R' 3F 2D R2 3U2 2U2 U 2B2 2F L' 3L 2U2 F' 2R' R' F' D' 2D' 3B' 2F' 3U2 2U L B 3U B2 3L2 3R 2R R2 D 2U2 L2 3L 3R2 2R' 2B' L2 R2 2U U' 3L 3F D' 3U2 U2 3F2 2F' 2L2 R2 3U 2L' 2R2 3U 2R 3F2 L2 3L2 3B 3U' L2 3D2 F' 3U' R2 D2 U 2B2 F' D 3B' 2F' 2L2 3L2 3F L 2L 3F2 3U' 3L 3R' R 2U 3B' 2L' 3U2 2U U2 3R' 2B'
3. R' 2U 3R2 F 3D' L2 3R2 2R' R2 2U2 3R' 3F 3D2 R 3D 2B' 2L2 2F F 2U' U 2L' 3L' D 2U L' 3R F' L' 2L2 3B' D2 F' R2 B 3R2 U 2R2 B U' 3F F' 3D2 2R' 2F2 3U' 2B' 2D2 R' D2 B 2F 2R R2 B 2L' 3B 2L2 3L 2R2 B2 3F' 3R' 2R2 R B 3D2 3U' 2B' 3U' B 2D' 3L2 D' 3U' B 3F 3L2 2D 3D B2 F 3U' 2U2 L2 3L2 2R 2D' 2L' R' 3D2 F2 U' B2 2B2 2D' R' 2D' U' 2B
4. 3R' 3D2 R2 2F F' D2 R 3D 3U2 L' 3F 2D2 3L' R B 3F' 3U 2L2 3L2 2R2 3U L' 3L' R2 2B 3D R' D2 2F2 D 2D' 2U 2L' 3L 3D' F 2U' 3F 2F2 2L' 2D' 2U 3R F 3U 2L F' 2U' 3B 2D U' 3L 3R' 2B 2L2 3L2 F' 3U' 2R2 2F 2R2 R' B2 U2 2R2 2B2 3U2 U2 2F 3R2 2U B 2B2 3B2 2U L2 2D2 B 3U' 2R2 2B 3L2 3U' U2 2F2 L 2L2 3L R 2B' U 2F 2L' 3R2 3D 2R 3B 2F' U' B
5. U' 2L F' 2R2 D 2F2 D2 L2 2R 2D R' 3D' B' L' 3F2 D2 U L2 2R 3F' D' 3U 2F2 2D' 2R R' 3D2 3L' B2 3R' 3F' F' 2U' 3R F R2 U 3F' 3D' 2F' 3R2 3U U' B' 3B 3F2 2F2 D2 B2 2B2 D 3D' B 3B F2 R' U' 2F2 F L2 3D2 3U' 2L' 3F 3L2 B2 3R' R2 D 3D' U' 2L D 2R2 2B2 U' 3L 3B 2D 3F2 2L2 3L 3U 2U2 R2 3D' R B F' 3L 2D2 3D2 2R2 3F 3R2 2F2 3D 2L2 3B2 3F2

2x2x2 Blindfolded
1. U R2 U F' R2 U R U
2. R' U2 F2 R' F U' R2 F2 R' U2
3. U2 R2 F' U' R U2 F2

3x3x3 Blindfolded
1. R2 D' B2 R2 F2 L2 R2 D' U2 R F D2 U' R2 F' L U2 F2 R B' D2
2. L U2 F2 R' B2 L2 D2 L U2 R D' B' L2 D' F' L' D L2 R2 U F'
3. U' R2 D2 R2 D2 U' F2 D L2 D L F' R' D' U' F L2 D2 B'

4x4x4 Blindfolded
1. L R Uw' B2 F D' Uw R' Fw2 R B L2 D F2 R D2 Rw Uw2 Rw Fw F2 Uw2 U L2 Rw' R U' B2 Fw2 R' D2 F' Rw2 R B' F' D Uw' Fw2 F
2. D2 Rw' B2 Fw2 U2 Rw' U2 B2 U B' D2 B' Uw B2 F2 D' F2 L R' Uw L2 F Uw' R' F D2 Uw U' R F' L R B Uw' Fw2 F' L2 R2 U B
3. U B F D2 Uw2 B2 Fw' Uw U' R' B2 Uw Rw2 Fw Rw2 Uw' Rw' D2 Rw' F L' U2 Fw2 D' Fw' Uw2 F' Rw' R2 F' U Rw2 R2 D R2 U' R U2 L2 Rw

5x5x5 Blindfolded
1. Lw' B Rw2 Fw2 D2 Dw U2 L' U2 Rw' Uw' F' D2 Lw Rw' Bw' Fw R' Bw Fw D2 Rw B2 U' Rw' R' Bw2 F2 L R2 Bw2 L' Dw2 Lw2 Fw2 R2 Bw Dw U' B F U' Bw2 U' Fw D' Fw L' D Dw' L' Bw Fw2 F D2 L2 D F R2 Fw'
2. B D Bw2 L' Rw F L' B' U' Lw2 Rw2 R2 Bw U B2 Uw L2 Bw2 Fw2 U2 Fw' Uw' Rw' Dw2 B2 L' Fw Uw U R Bw' L' Lw' Bw2 Fw2 F Rw Fw' Dw2 B Lw2 Bw' Rw Uw' Bw2 L2 Lw2 Rw2 R' D L F' Dw B' F' L2 Uw' Rw R' D
3. Fw' Dw' Bw U2 Bw' D Dw Uw' Bw2 Rw D2 Dw' B2 Rw' B' Bw R' Bw Lw' U B' Dw' Uw2 Lw2 B' Dw Bw2 F Dw B Uw B2 Bw2 Fw' F Lw2 Rw2 Fw' Dw2 Uw B Bw2 Fw' Dw U2 Bw2 L' Lw' Rw' D Fw Dw2 Bw Uw L' Dw2 Lw2 U B2 Fw

3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded
1. L2 D' U2 B2 U B2 L2 D L2 B2 F2 L D U2 B F2 U F R' B F2
2. B' U2 F2 U2 R2 B' R2 D2 B' L2 F L2 D F' R' U' L' D' U2 L2 D2
3. U2 B2 L2 U2 F2 U' F2 U2 L2 D B' D R' D2 L2 B R U' F' L' U
4. B2 U2 F2 U2 R D2 U2 B2 L U2 R D' L F U F D2 F D L' U
5. R2 U L2 D' R2 F2 U' L2 U2 F2 U' F' L2 R' B2 D L' B2 R2 B U'
6. F2 U2 F2 L F2 R' U2 L D2 L2 U2 B2 F R' F L' R D2 U B' U
7. D2 B2 D2 L B2 F2 L' F2 R F2 R B' D' L' R2 F' U' F' U' B' R'
8. F2 U2 F2 D2 R D2 L2 B2 D2 R F2 L D2 B D2 L D B U2 F' L2
9. R U2 F2 R' F2 R' F2 L B2 R F R' U' B R B F2 L' U' R' F2
10. L' D2 F2 R' F2 R2 B2 R' F2 D' L F D L' B2 R' F L B F'
11. L2 U2 B2 D' B2 U' F2 R2 U2 B L U' L2 R2 F D2 U B' L D'
12. F2 L U2 R U2 L D2 U2 L R' U R D U R2 F' L2 D R2 D R'
13. U' L2 F2 U F2 L2 D L2 D R2 F2 U2 L' F L2 U' R' F2 U2 L2 U2
14. U' L2 F2 D U F2 L2 U L2 R2 F2 R2 F' D R2 F L2 B' R' F L2
15. U' L2 D L2 U L2 U' L2 F2 U B' U' L R' D U2 B' F2 U' L F

3x3x3 One Handed
1. R F2 D2 R' B2 U2 B2 R' B2 L B L D B' U' R F R2 U2 L F2
2. L' U2 R' B2 U2 L2 D2 R D2 F2 R B2 D' L' U' R B R' D'
3. R2 U F2 L2 D' R2 B2 F2 U' F2 D2 L U L' B' L' D F D U' B'
4. F2 D2 L2 B L2 F U2 R2 F2 D' R2 F' R F2 U' F L' F2 U' R2 U2
5. F2 R2 U' B2 D' F2 U2 F2 U B2 R2 D' U2 L B D2 F2 L' R B' R'

3x3x3 With Feet
1. B2 F2 D2 F2 D' B2 D L2 B2 F2 L' U L2 F2 R' F D' R B' L
2. R2 D2 L2 R' B2 D2 B2 D2 L U2 B2 R2 U B2 F2 R' U B2 F R B
3. D2 B2 F2 D' F2 D2 R2 F2 D' F2 U' F2 R' B' R' U F L U2 F2 L'
4. L2 D2 F' L2 U2 B R2 U2 B' U2 F' R F U' R2 F2 L' D B2 U' R'
5. L2 B D2 F' L2 F' D2 U2 B' U2 R2 F' R' D' R' B2 F2 L' D' R D

3x3x3 Match the scramble
1. R2 U2 R F2 R B2 L2 U2 R B F' R2 D' L B' F2 L2 D R' U2
2. R2 F2 U' L2 D' B2 U2 B2 L2 D L F D B' R D F2 L2 R' D' F2
3. L F2 D2 U2 L D2 F2 R F2 R' D' F L2 F2 U2 R2 D2 R F D U
4. D2 U' B2 L2 R2 D' R2 U2 R2 B D2 R U B' D L R' F2 R F
5. U2 R2 B2 D2 R' D2 B2 R' B2 L2 D2 U' L D' L' B F2 L' F U2

3x3x3 Fewest Moves
1. L2 D L2 U L2 B2 R2 U L2 U B2 U B' D R U L B' F' U2

2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 Relay
2. R2 F2 R U' R U' F' R
3. F2 R2 D' R2 B2 F2 U L2 F R' B' F D' B2 R F L R' F' R
4. D' L2 D' Uw2 B2 Fw2 D' L D' Uw' Fw2 U' L Uw2 Rw2 D2 L' Fw Rw' U2 Fw2 U2 Fw2 Uw F U' L' U Fw2 Rw D' B Fw D' B' R Uw2 R' Fw2 F

2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 + 5x5x5 Relay
2. U' F' R' U2 F2 R' U' R2 U
3. L2 B' L2 F' R2 F2 U2 R2 B R2 D2 L B2 R2 D F' R' U' F2 U' B2
4. L Rw U' Rw' B2 U Fw F' L2 R2 D B2 Fw2 U2 Fw Rw R' D' Uw' Fw F L2 Rw2 R B' Uw' F D' Uw F' L2 Fw Rw D' U2 Rw' R' D U' Rw
5. L D2 Bw2 Dw' L B Fw' F2 Lw' Dw Uw B Rw B' L2 Rw Dw2 Rw Fw2 L2 Uw' Fw2 R' D' Dw2 L B2 Bw Lw2 Uw L' Bw' D' B Dw2 Lw Rw' U R2 Bw' Dw' Bw Fw2 L' F' L Lw' Rw D' Dw' L Dw' Fw' D2 Dw' Lw D2 Dw U2 Fw2

Magic (Just do 5 solves)

Master Magic (Just do 5 solves)

1. UUdd u=-2,d=1 / dUdU u=4,d=-2 / ddUU u=5,d=-5 / UdUd u=5,d=-1 / dUUU u=-1 / UdUU u=1 / UUUd u=-2 / UUdU u=0 / UUUU u=-3 / dddd d=-3 / UUUU
2. UUdd u=-1,d=0 / dUdU u=-5,d=-3 / ddUU u=0,d=-2 / UdUd u=-2,d=-3 / dUUU u=-5 / UdUU u=4 / UUUd u=6 / UUdU u=3 / UUUU u=3 / dddd d=5 / UUUU
3. UUdd u=-4,d=1 / dUdU u=3,d=-3 / ddUU u=-2,d=0 / UdUd u=0,d=2 / dUUU u=0 / UdUU u=2 / UUUd u=-1 / UUdU u=4 / UUUU u=4 / dddd d=5 / UUUd
4. UUdd u=0,d=-3 / dUdU u=0,d=6 / ddUU u=6,d=5 / UdUd u=-2,d=-2 / dUUU u=-2 / UdUU u=-2 / UUUd u=-5 / UUdU u=-4 / UUUU u=4 / dddd d=6 / UdUd
5. UUdd u=5,d=-1 / dUdU u=3,d=5 / ddUU u=-4,d=-1 / UdUd u=-3,d=2 / dUUU u=1 / UdUU u=0 / UUUd u=-1 / UUdU u=1 / UUUU u=0 / dddd d=2 / UUUd

1. R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ U
R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- U'
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ U
R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- U'
R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
2. R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ U
R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ U
R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
3. R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ U
R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U
R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ U
R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- U'
R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- U'
4. R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ U
R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ U
R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ U
5. R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ U
R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ U
R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- U'
R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U
R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ U

1. L R' U R L' U R' L R L' U R' L' u l b'
2. R' U R' L U' R' L' U L B L B' L U R L B' r' b
3. R' L' U' L' R U L' R' U L' U L U' R' L' u b
4. R' U R L' U L R U' B U' B' R' U B' u r' l b
5. R' U L U' R' L' R' U' L' U L R L' B' u b

1. (-3,2) (0,3) (3,0) (4,0) (6,3) (0,5) (6,0) (-4,3) (-2,4) (-4,0) (-5,4) (2,3) (2,0) (4,0) (0,1) (0,4) (6,5)
2. (6,5) (0,-5) (-3,0) (0,3) (3,3) (-5,0) (5,0) (0,3) (6,4) (-3,4) (-4,5) (0,1) (0,3) (0,3) (-2,1) (0,4) (-4,0) (0,0)
3. (0,-4) (3,-2) (-3,0) (6,5) (0,2) (-2,4) (6,3) (0,3) (0,3) (0,2) (-2,0) (2,2) (6,0) (5,4) (-4,4) (0,3) (5,0)
4. (0,6) (0,6) (3,0) (-1,4) (6,4) (6,1) (0,5) (2,3) (-2,1) (6,5) (6,0) (6,5) (-2,1) (0,5) (0,5) (-2,0) (0,0)
5. (0,5) (0,-3) (-3,1) (0,3) (0,2) (6,0) (6,0) (-5,1) (5,0) (-2,1) (0,2) (0,2) (-3,4) (-2,2) (0,4) (6,2) (0,2) (0,0)
Jun 29, 2009
Shanghai, China, China
(2.54) 3.29 (4.69) 2.82 3.08 = 3.06
use speedstacks timer this time~
2 of them is solved using CLL(i have learned about 15 algs or so)

(13.82) 10.93 12.50 10.79 (10.70)= 11.41

this result is pretty good. :lol My TypeF is even better.

3x3 OH
25.25 25.91 24.36 (26.32)(22.71)=25.17


2:04.64 2:12.42 2:02.51 DNS DNS=DNF
i don't like big cubes~ :p


46.47 DNF DNF=46.47

maybe i should learn a new method
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Sep 9, 2009
2x2x2: 11.80, (15.84), 10.53, (9.03), 12.55 = 11.63
3x3x3: 21.09, 23.21, (19.83), 23.33, (26.44) = 22.54
4x4x4: 2:11.61, (1:54.19), (2:23.65), 2:12.84, 2:06.46 = 2:10.30
Comment: Fail 3x3x3 average. Sub-20 avg next week plz.

3x3x3 Blindfolded: DNF(2:31.46), DNF, DNF(2:20.19) = DNF
Comment: Crap.
3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded: 2/4 = 0 in 27:11.36
Comment: Tried to play it safe but I messed up anyway. Fourth cube was off by a 3-cycle and third cube was off by parity. I even thought I messed up a J perm on the second cube, but I must have fixed it. Measly 18 minute memo, I haven't practiced in a while. (did sub-20 4 cubes after this... >.>)
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Former Clock NR Holder
Apr 24, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
2x2: 2.28, 6.75, 3.59, 2.19, 3.47 = 3.11
Pyraminx: 10.22, 4.26, 4.26, 6.84, 6.81 = 5.97
Sq-1: 25.03, 22.88, 23.64, 26.68, 23.65 = 24.10
Ugh too much parity.
3x3: 9.38, 9.38, 10.66, 9.51, 9.35 = 9.43
4th one had a pop :s
OH: 16.42, 24.58, 33.27, 21.20, 18.97 = 21.58
Lol dropped cube twice.
4x4: 58.11, 46.82, 52.62, 41.83, 44.18 = 47.87
5x5: 1:25.28, 1:30.70, 1:25.06, 1:25.77, 1:25.96 = 1:25.67
Lol I suck.
2x2BLD: 16.66+, 14.93+, 10.65+ = 10.65
234: 1:10.12
4x4 was like... 1 min :s
2345: 2:37.77
Megaminx: 1:28.42, 1:14.96, 1:22.41, DNF(1:49.16), 1:19.57 = 1:23.47
My megaminx is crap.
6x6: 3:02.83, 3:08.66, 3:05.27, 2:48.78, 2:50.09 = 2:59.40
My 6x6 is crap :p
3x3BLD: 3:18.33, DNF(2:25.31), DNF(2:32.55) = 3:18.33
Ugh I suck so much.
7x7: 4:49.44, 4:31.79, 5:01.10, 4:41.06, 4:42.88 = 4:44.46
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Jan 27, 2009
Berlin, Germany
2x2: 3.99, (7.90), (3.83), 5.01, 4.64 = 4.55
2x2BLD: 34.36, DNF, DNF = 34.36
3x3BLD: DNF, 2:41.64, 2:07.66 = 2:07.66
3x3: 12.27, (12.11), (20.45), 12.31, 13.12 = 12.56
3x3OH: 29.49, (25.92), (30.82), 29.73, 29.10 = 29.44
4x4BLD: 26:32.69, DNF, 17:57.93 = 17:57.93
New PB and first sub-20!!!
MultiBLD: 3/4 in 31:41
Ugh, messed up the first cube. I think I failed an algorithm in an unconcentrated second. Hyprul: You win :/
5x5: (1:48.65), (2:56.52), 2:10.81, 2:01.69, 1:55.40 = 2:02.61
Uuuuh, a new PB average framed by two awesome sub-2 singles :)
Pyra: (14.22), 12.94, (7.68), 13.87, 12.32 = 13.04
4x4: 1:02.30, 1:15.37, 1:07.57, (59.22), (1:35.14) = 1:08.41
3x3FMC: 42 moves
scramble: L2 D L2 U L2 B2 R2 U L2 U B2 U B' D R U L B' F' U2
F' U' F (1x2x2)
B' R D' F2 R' (2x2x2)
L2 D' L (2nd pair)
z2 B' R B (double x-cross)
F R' F' R (3rd pair)
U2 L U L' U L' B L B' (4th pair)
y R U2 R' U' R U' R' (OLL)
L2 B2 L' F' L B2 L' F L' U2 (PLL)
The cancellations are in bold.
Magic: (DNF), 1.71, 3.09, (1.52), 2.15 = 2.32
2x2-4x4 Relay: 1:26.06
2x2-5x5 Relay: 3:16.74
Wow! PB by 30 seconds! Amazing for me! Splits were: 4 - 13 - 1:03 - 1:56 Sub-2 5x5!
Megaminx: 1:57.27, (2:04.13), 1:57.30, 1:57.28, (1:45.58) = 1:57.28
Wow, the SD is just wow. 0.01 standard deviation for Megaminx :D
Match the scramble: (DNF), 2:43.96, 3:05.72, 4:51.36, (1:57.95) = 3:33.68
First time really doing this.
7x7: (6:43.31), 6:59.97, (8:36.69), 7:11.88, 7:02.80 = 7:04.88
Really good! These were my first 2 sub-7s!
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Jul 12, 2009
New Zealand
2x2: 12.81, 11.62, 8.43, 13.18, 9.70 = 11.38
I should work on this.

More to come and hopefully i'll get round to clock this week.
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Aug 28, 2008
Mumbai, India
Megaminx: (4:10.66), 3:25.52, 3:51.31, 3:25.39, (2:55.47) = 3:34:07
Comment: Good warm up for comp on Saturday-Sunday. First sub 3 single :)

3x3: 19.07, (15.69), (23.00), 16.73, 17.92 = 17.91
Comment: Very good.

2x2: (7.51), 6.68, 5.07, 6.11, (4.62) = 5.95
Comment: Awesome.

3x3 OH: 41.37, 36.38, (28.22), (49.82), 37.20 = 38.31
Comment: Very good single, OK average.

3x3 BLD: 1:49.92, DNF, 2:33.59 = 1:49.92
Comment: Brilliant. Why didn't I get such times in comp?

3x3 FMC: 42 moves
Comment: Will post solution after some time, I'm quite busy now.
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Feb 18, 2009
2x2: 2.10, 3.51, 3.77, 3.65, 2.13 = 3.10
3x3: 11.61, 11.69, 12.29, 8.45, 11.72 = 11.67 - 0.05 SD :p
4x4: 56.36, 53.21, 55.48, 53.35, 53.64 = 54.16 - O, OP, O, O, OP
5x5: 1:42.13, 1:49.40, 1:47.41, 1:32.00, 1:36.85 = 1:42.13
6x6: 3:21.42, 3:12.41, 3:19.53, 3:04.21, 3:35.54 = 3:17.79
7x7: 5:03.59, 5:51.39, 5:24.32, 5:12.23, 5:06.42 = 5:14.32
2x2 BLD: 32.13, 34.50, 23.59 = 23.59
3x3 BLD: DNF, 2:27.97, 1:55.71 = 1:55.71
4x4 BLD: DNF, 14:56, DNS = 14:56 - Awesome! :D
3x3 Multi: 3/4 21:31 - 3 cycle edges off on the last cube.
3x3 MTS: 1:06.25, 1:07.25, 1:21.54, 1:01.53, 1:06.32 = 1:06.61
3x3 OH: 24.47, 23.98, 20.55, 22.70, 21.13 = 22.60
2-4 relay: 1:04.01 - 45, 14, 4
2-5 relay: 3:12.95 - grr..
Magic: 1.56, 1.43, 1.75, 1.96, 1.35 = 1.58
Master Magic: 5.16, 5.71, 4.44, 4.03, 3.67 = 5.01 - PB single.
Clock: 10.21, 9.43, 9.68, 10.91, 9.79 = 9.90
Megaminx: 1:03.03, 56.63, 59.28, 1:03.74, 1:00.31 = 1:00.87
Pyraminx: 5.99, 7.20, 4.84, 5.05, 5.32 = 5.45
Square-1: 19.37, 19.32, 29.91, 19.26, 25.01 = 21.23

3x3 FMC: 39

Scramble: L2 D L2 U L2 B2 R2 U L2 U B2 U B' D R U L B' F' U2
Solution: R' F2 R U' F' U' F2 z2 y F R' F' R' U2 R' F R U' R U' R' U' R U R' U2 F U2 F' U2 L' U L R U2 R' U' R U' R' U (39)

2x2x2: R' F2 R U' F' U' F2 (7)
2x2x3: z2 y F R' F' R' (11)
F2L#3: U2 R' F R U' R U' R' U' R U R' (23)
F2L#4 + LL: U2 F U2 F' U2 L' U L R U2 R' U' R U' R' U (39)

A solution I found in about 10 minutes. Didn't have a lot of time to try more.
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Sep 25, 2009
Waterloo, Ontario
2x2 : (3.16), 4.22, 5.19, 4.83, (5.29) = 4.74
Really nice average :D

3x3 : 13.43, 13.20, 14.14, (15.06), (11.58) = 13.59
Woah, amazing speed-boost :O

3x3 BLD : 1:47.04, DNF(2:44.46), 2:16.20 = 1:47.04
Scramble 1 was really easy :D And scramble 2 sucked =.=

2x2 BLD : 46.09, 39.69+, 29.40 = 29.40
Yay :) Full success.

3x3 OH : (25.22), 26.04, (29.58), 29.13, 27.86 = 27.68

Square-1 : 40.28, (32.53), 46.73, 44.98, (48.75) = 44.00
Is it me or are all the scrambles really easy >_> Maybe its my really ineffective cube forming

Megaminx : 2:27.51, 2:23.07, (2:11.37), 2:23.07, (2:29.63) = 2:24.55

Magic : (1.89), 1.52, 1.63, (1.28), 1.37 = 1.51

4x4 : 1:00.83, (1:07.59), 59.10, 57.90, (54.60) = 59.28
That last single <3

2-3-4 Relay : 1:25.51
No parity :D

3x3 FMC : 39 moves
Scramble : L2 D L2 U L2 B2 R2 U L2 U B2 U B' D R U L B' F' U2
Solution : U2 B R F U L R2 U' B2 F' U' F U' D' R U R' D R' U' R U2 B' U B2 U2 B' U R' U' R
L F2 R' F' R F' L' U

X-cross : U2 B R F U L R2 U' B2 - 9
F2L 2 : F' U' F U' D' R U R' D - 9(18)
F2L 3 : R' U' R U2 B' U B - 7(25)
F2L 4 : B U2 B' U R' U' R - 7(32)
OLL : L F2 R' F' R F' L' U - 8(40)

Turning the bolded moves into 1 B2 cuts one move; 40-1 = 39
Lol me so sucky at FMC

3x3 Multi BLD : 3/3 in 10:54.51
Yessss :D

4x4 BLD : 15:12.96, 15:30.48, DNS = 15:12.96
2 amazing solves! :D

3x3 MTS : (1:50.35), 1:35.36, 1:49.52, 1:44.62, (1:32.63) = 1:43.17
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Jan 17, 2009
Virginia Water, Surrey, UK
2x2: 5.28, 6.90, 6.85, 6.58, 6.73 = 6.72
3x3: 19.15, 18.77, 21.63, 20.21, 24.01 = 20.33
5x5: 2:17.63, 2:16.23, 2:32.61, 2:17.63, 2:31.45 = 2:22.24
goods singles, but the counting 2:30 made it bad

Megaminx: 2:02.96, 2:10.18, 2:02.49, 2:10.87, 2:23.81 = 2:08.00
my bro come in on the last solve

3x3 FM = 62
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Apr 29, 2008
Almelo, Holland
2x2: 3.06, 4.76, 3.83, 4.86, 4.30 = 4.30
3x3: 14.42, 17.76, 15.11, 13.08, 13.85 = 14.46
4x4: 55.51, 48.41, 47.59, 44.55, 55.57 = 50.50
5x5: 1:32.56, 1:31.03, 1:28.13, 1:32.25, 1:31.18 = 1:31.49
6x6: 3:18.83, 3:13.29, 3:12.71, 3:26.02, 2:59.94 = 3:14.94
7x7: 4:58.47, 4:37.03, 5:10.25, 4:55.71, 5:04.47 = 4:59.55
3x3BLD: 1:38.50, DNS, DNS = 1:38.50
4x4BLD: 9:54.04, DNS, DNS = 9:54.04
MultiBLD: 5/5 29:19!
3x3OH: 29.87, 27.46, 28.30, 27.54, 28.11 = 27.98
3x3MTS: 50.52, 52.63, 49.87, 54.92, 53.65 = 52.27
3x3FMC: 46 moves
Magic: 1.28, 1.27, 1.31, 2.83, 1.25 = 1.29
Master Magic: 3.06, 3.61, 3.05, 3.68, 2.87 = 3.24
2-3-4 relay: 1:26.58
2-3-4-5 relay: 3:10.95
Clock: 11.11, 8.69, 9.56, 7.40, 10.02 = 9.30
Pyraminx: 6.88, 8.30, 6.80, 7.25, 4.61 = 6.98
Megaminx: 1:32.01, 1:31.39, 1:27.44, 1:25.23, 1:26.27 = 1:28.37
Square-1: 18.71, 16.93, 18.90, 14.02, 21.52 = 18.18
FMC solution:
U2 L U F' U2 F' L' F U F2 D' F' D' F D' F' D2 F L' D2 L D L' D L F L D L' D' F' B' D B D2 R D R' D2 L' D L D' L' D' L2
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Premium Member
Jun 29, 2009
Sheffield, UK
(5.45), 7.13, 6.36, 5.68, (7.33),= 6.39
Meh. Not too bad, not too good.

20.58, 22.03, 20.70, (23.24), (20.44) = 21.10
Meh. That's alright I guess.

(19.88), 16.87, (12.46), 18.88, 12.76 = 16.71
Meh. Need practise.
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Aug 27, 2009
3x3: 32.08, (29.57), 37.27, (39.43), 30.11 = 33.15
4x4: 3:02.90, 2:39.66, (3:27.36), 2:45.59, (2:24.23) = 2:49.38
Pyraminx: 13.50, (10.60), (14.72), 11.97, 14.28 = 13.15
Clock: (10.56), (9.44), 9.91, 9.47, 9.93 = 9.77
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Nov 11, 2009
New Zealand, Whakatane
1: 00:16.55
2: 00:15.97
3: 00:16.62
4: 00:15.79
5: 00:12.06
Avg. 5: 00:15.40

1: 00:35.49
2: 00:39.79
3: 00:29.30
4: 00:36.42
5: 00:35.85
Avg. 5: 00:35.37

1: 03:18.14
2: 03:03.88
3: 03:27.77
4: 03:34.00
5: 03:47.96
Avg. 5: 3:26.64

2-3-4 relay:

3x3x3 OH:
1: 01:42.50
2: 01:34.52
3: 01:23.16
4: 01:38.95
5: 01:39.85
Avg. 5: 01:35.79
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Feb 9, 2009
Malibu, CA
(21.68), 17.79, 14.84, 14.79, (14.73)
erry solve was better than the next. these were my first 5 solves the day so it's no wonder the first 2 solves were so bad.


Premium Member
Sep 23, 2008
Devon, UK
2x2 (6.77), 8.28, 7.84, 9.61, (15.61) = 8.58
3x3 (18.52), 17.21, (15.88), 17.80, 17.02 = 17.34
4x4 1:32.75, 1:31.44, (1:34.58), 1:16.11, (1:08.56)= 1:26.77
5 solves, 9 parity fixes.. annoying. also 3 bad times for me.. but one good :)
5x5 2:37.94, 2:35.84, 2:31.78, (2:31.33), (3:03.18) = 2:35.19
not sure what happened on the 5th solve to make it so slow
6x6 (5:34.27), 6:00.97, 5:47.31, 6:56.61 , (7:29.63) = 6:14.96
3x3oh: (1:13.67), 1:12.84, 57.79, (55.74), 56.91 = 1:02.52
234: 1:53.65
1.34 seconds james, close
2345: 4:24.75

magic 1.21, 1.13, 1.44, (1.03), (DNF) = 1.26
it would seem i suck at magic today :D
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Jul 15, 2009
2x2: (8.66) 6.70 7.81 (6.58) 7.83

3x3: (23.78) (19.64) 22.06 20.47 21.69 => 21.41

4x4: (2:07.34) (1:27.80) 1:35.81 1:49.52 1:42.30 => 1:42.54

Comment: Fail. I average 1:20s...

5x5: (3:41.35) 3:19.44 (3:07.11) 3:39.74 3:18.27 => 3:25.82

3x3 OH: 39.64 40.69 (48.42) 47.22 (37.78) => 42.52

2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 Relay: 2:01.08

2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 +5x5x5 Relay: 5:52.15

Magic: 1.47 (2.04) (1.32) 1.83 1.73 => 1.68
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