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Weekly 2x2 OH Comps [Week 1] Sept 16-22


Aug 10, 2020
West Virginia
Please dont scream at me or this but I do not think there is a SINGLE COMP dedicated to 2x2 OH. So.... yeah. Every Wednsday at 12:30PM EST, I will post random 2x2 scrambles for the 2x2 OH comp. I AM NOT COPYING SOMEONE ELSE'S THREAD. anyway, have fun. I will be in the comp too.

Rules: Down Below.
1. May ONLY use 1 hand for solves (its 2x2 OH)
2. You are not allowed to to the solves twice.
3. Have fun doing the solves.
4. Scrambles generated by cstimer.net
5. ONLY reply your solve times, personal goal, and Ao12
6. No Cheating
7. Once your done, your best Ao12 out of all the weeks this is alive will be on the graduates part of the page.
8. This isn't like most "race to sub-X" threads. You ONLY have to participat in 1 round to become a graduate.

Here are scrambles (White Top and Green Front)
1.U2 R U' F' U' R U' F2 U2
2. R2 F2 R' F2 R' U R F2 U2
3. U R2 U' F R' F U2 F2 R'
4. R U R2 U2 F U' R U F'
5. F U' F' R' F U F' U' F'
6. U F' U F' R U2 R2 U' R'
7. U' F U R2 U2 R' U' R2 F2
8. F2 U F2 U R U2 R2 U' F
9. U' F U' R F U2 F2 R' F'
10. F' R' F' R2 U F' R2 F' R2
11. F2 U F2 R U F2 R' F' R
12. R F' U2 F R U2 R U2 R2 F'

have fun

[Late Mention] Apparently I have renamed the comp to Weekly 2x2 OH Comps. This is because 1 person keeps telling me that race to sub-x threads require that people become graduates when they meet their goal 3 rounds in a row. I dont wanna be a part of that so I renamed the comp. Keep in mind you ONLY have to participate to become a graduate. If you compete in 2 weeks or more, the best out of all the weeks gets put up at the graduation wall.

Graduation Wall

Micah Morrison (6.796) [Week 1]

LukasCubes (12.664) [Week 1]
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Aug 10, 2020
West Virginia
GOAL: sub-20
1. (9.152)
2. 12.986
3. 10.889
4. 13.582
5. 12.072
6. (18.206)
7. 16.716
8. 10.943
9. 10.661
10. 12.165
11. 9.283
12. 17.339
Ao12: 12.664
Comments: I am suprised that I beat my goal let alone DEMOLISH it.
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