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Week in Review - Weeks 44 & 45 2022 (Nov 4th - 10th & 11th - 17th)

SloMo Cubing

Nov 1, 2015
Hello and welcome back to Week in Review! This will be a double issue since I've been feeling quite ill for the past week so didn't have week 44's post nearly ready on time.

Please enjoy :)


Here are the top records of each week:

Week 44

  • Juliette Sébastien set a new OH European Record Average of 9.54 Seconds at the Garidech Open! This places 6th in the world and is Juliette's fifth consecutive ER Average for OH since 2019!
  • Masayuki Hirai (平井雅之) set a new Megaminx Japanese Record Average of 34.25 Seconds at Ayase Autumn B! This places 5th in Asia and lowers his previous NR by over 4 seconds!
  • In this average, Masayuki also achieved a Japanese Record Single of 31.33 Seconds! This places 9th in Asia and lowers the NR by over 2 seconds!
  • Caio Hideaki Sato broke the 3x3 South American Record Single with 4.37 Seconds at Etec Cubatão! This is Caio's first SAR Single and is his second week in a row with an SAR for 3x3 after taking the average with 6.41!
  • Benjamín Ezequiel Cerda Quilaman broke the Pyraminx South American Record Average with 2.11 Seconds at Cerrillos al Cubo! This is his first SAR and lowers his PB by almost a second!
  • Theodor Nordstrand set a new FMC Swedish Record Mean of 24.00 Moves at the Swedish FMC Championship! This places 11th in Europe and lowers his previous NR from 25.00!
  • Timo Günthardt set a new Megaminx Swiss Record Single of 33.33 Seconds at the Swiss Science Open! This is Timo's fifth megaminx comp in a row with an NR, and places 9th in Europe!
  • Aryan Chhabra broke the 3x3 Indian Record Average with 6.53 Seconds at the Kashmir Cube Open! This is India and Aryan's first sub-7 Average, destroying the barrier and places 10th in Asia!
  • Makoto Takaoka (高岡誠) broke the 5x5 Japanese Record Average with 52.25 Seconds at Ayase Autumn B! This is his 21st NR across four events and breaks Sei Sugama's 6-year run of having the NR average!
  • Cian-Jyun Yang (楊謙君) set a new 7x7 Taiwanese Record Mean of 2:20.33 at the Taoyuan Cubing Open! This breaks his previous NR by exactly a second and places 11th in Asia!
Week 45

  • Elliott Kobelansky set a new 3BLD Canadian Record Mean of 15.52 Seconds at Newmarket Side Events! This keeps Elliott at 2nd in the world but now puts him only 0.28 seconds away from the WR mean!
  • Michał Krasowski set a new SQ-1 Polish Record Single of 4.99 Seconds at the BrizZon Side Open V! This is Michał's tenth SQ-1 NR single over 5 years and places 3rd in Europe!
  • Tao Yu (喻韬) set a new OH Irish Record Average of 11.34 Seconds at East London Autumn! This is his second week in a row breaking the NR average and this breaks the previous one by almost a second!
  • Burno Li Chak Kwan (李澤堃) set a new Megaminx Hong Kong Record Average of 38.40 Seconds at Newmarket Side Events! This places 12th in Asia and lowers from his previous NR of 42.11!
  • Naglis Peciulis set a new SQ-1 Lithuanian Record Single of 5.72 Seconds at the Kaunas Open! This lowers his previous NR by 2 seconds and places 7th in Europe with his fifth NR single!
  • Matthew Lee also broke the Megaminx NR Average at Newmarket Side events, this one for Canada of 39.04 Seconds! This is Matthew's first NR and places 12th in North America!
  • Celine Tran set a new 6x6 Norwegian Record Mean of 1:32.47 at Now We're Even Trondheim! This places 6th in Europe and lowers her previous NR and third place average at the European Championship of 1:33.46!
  • In Burno Li's NR Megaminx Average, he also achieved a Hong Kong Record Single of 34.83 Seconds! These were his fourth and fifth NRs for Megaminx, and lowers from his previous NR of 38.23!
  • Urho Kinnunen set a new Skewb Finnish Record Average of 2.19 Seconds at the Kuutiostoren Kuutiokekkerit! This breaks his previous NR of 2.42, and places 9th in the world!
  • Kim Roger Høyland Larsen broke the 4x4 Norwegian Record Average of 28.02 Seconds at Now We're Even Trondheim! This reclaims his NR after he had it last year with his previous PB of 30.19!

This section is dedicated to people who have improved their results in these weeks and show great potential in that event!

Week 44

Week 45

That's all for this week, thanks for reading! Expect a normal edition next time around lol