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Week in Review - Week 1 2019 (Jan 3rd - 9th)

SloMo Cubing

Nov 1, 2015
Hello and welcome to Week in Review! I tried doing this last year on Reddit but I had a lack of motivation and I stopped it after a few weeks. I'm back with a new drive and more efficient method of compiling my information, and I'm gonna see how long I can continue this!

Week in Review is a weekly series where I look back on notable results from a week of Competitive Cubing. This will be posted simultaneously with a post on the Cubers Subreddit. Hope you enjoy :)


Here are the top records of the week:


Here is a collection of people who I believe have made good progress in an event, and deserve notoriety for their recent results in competition.

Thanks for reading! See you next week :)
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