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WCA events from worst to best


Jun 1, 2019
This thread probably already exists, but I'll give it a shot anyway
(This is only my opinion)

18. 3x3 With Feet Why does this have to exist?
17. Clock There is really no point as it's not a twistly puzzle.
16. FMC It's so stupidly long and boring.
15. 7x7 It's kinda repetitive and long, and has the same basic solution to other big cubes.
14. 5BLD Too boring.
13. 4BLD Too much patience is needed.
12. 6x6 It just gets repetitive as you go up.
11. Pyraminx Fingertricks are awkward on it and it's too easy.
10. 3BLD Not really a fan of blind events.
9. MBLD Only people with lots of patience can handle this, but it's still really impressive.
8. Square-1 I like the way it turns, but the puzzle kinda looks ugly and parity is so long.
7. Skewb Fun event to do, but it's too easy.
6. OH Hard to get used to, but once you get used to it it's really fun and looks cool.
5. Megaminx Fun to practice and is basically an extension to 3x3, because you get to do F2L over again.
4. 4x4 Fun, but parity brings it up a bit.
3. 5x5 Challenging, but still fun to do.
2. 2x2 It's such a fast event and really easy to learn and get good at.
1. 3x3 Yes
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