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[Video] How I do my U perm


May 22, 2008
I'm not that fast at most things, but my current specialty is the counterclockwise U perm.

It's the same alg as Erik uses, but with different execution. The annoying thing about holding it my way is that I can't do U' turns without regripping, so when I do a clockwise U perm I end up cycling the pieces twice counterclockwise, which is noticeably slower; I can get high 1.xes on clockwise U perms.

I don't have Stackmat so I can't time those three attempts there, but I'm pretty sure they were all comfortably sub-1. I can get sub-1 pretty easily, and my best is .80.

I hope this helps/converts someone with/to the MU U perms!

Edit: Tip - Do the M2 U M as one motion, and the U2 M' U M2 as another. That should get you to around 1.2. At some point, I realized I had a pause between the two phases, and trying to remove it is what brought me down to below 1.
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