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Various Cubes at Various Prices (With Special Offer!)

Apr 17, 2017
Ohio, United States
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I'm selling 16 cubes, with different prices, and I have a special offer for bulk orders, which I will say at the end.
Cubes, from Left to Right
First Row:
Stickerless Moyu Magnetic Skewb - $10
Custom White GuoGuan XingHen M (with very strong magnets) - $20
Stickerless Valk Power M - $28
Black Gan 356 Air M - $18
Second Row:
Black QiYi Big Sail M (light magnets) - $10
Stickered X-Man Galaxy- $12
Black Shengshou 4x4 V5 - $6
DaYan ZhanChi 2017 - $8
Third Row:
Stickerless AoLong V2 - $10
Black YJ GuanSu 4x4 - $6
Black X-Man Volt Sq-1 (Magnetic Slice) - $20
Stickerless X-Man Wingy Skewb - $10
Fourth Row:
White QiYi 5x5 - $7
QiYi Black Ivy Cube - $5
Cubicle Labs Black XingHen M - $23
Black Meffert's Gear Ball - $18
Shipping will depend on the number of cubes, as well as location.
MOST PRICES are negotiable, and I do have an offer for buying cubes.
Buy 3+ cubes, get 10% off the total price
Buy 4+ cubes, get 15% off the total price
Buy 5+ cubes, get 15% off the total price and I will pay full shipment no matter location or price
If you have any questions or want to buy some cubes, Leave a Comment or Private Message me :)
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Keith Maben

Jun 5, 2018
I am willing to trade for the Cubicle Labs Xinghen M. I have a Chuwen M, Volt, Bell, MM Pyra, MM Skewb, and a Galaxyv1 sculpted. I also have a Wuque M from SCS, but I need more stuff on the trade to justify such an expensive cube.

Waffle Cuber

Jul 31, 2018
I think I want the Cubicle Xinghen M. How much would shipping to California be? And sorry about being a nub, but how would I buy it from you?