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[Urgent!] Excellent U-14 speedsolver wanted!


Feb 16, 2013
Hey everyone,

Perhaps you have watched some Chinese TV shows that many famous cubers were invited. The TV shows about speedsolving are getting more and more popular in China. Now a famous one called Challenge Impossible (which Feliks, Arifumi, Daniel Sheppard, Nathan Dwyer and Alberto were invited last year) by the China Center Television is going to invite some excellent U-14 speedsolvers. However it is hard for me to check the age of a full list of best cubers in the world. If you are interested in please leave your (or for your children) contact infomation below. In addition, it will be nice if you can give me some recommendation.

For those who leave their information, staffs will contact you later about details. Please be awared that all fees include visa application, flights ,accomadation and so on will be covered by the TV show, if you are selected.

More questions could be answered by emailling [email protected].

Update: approximately standard of "excellent": 3x3 sub10 or equivalent at other events (no official standard, just by my own estimation). It's welcome for you to leave your official pb together with you contact information.
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