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[Update] CubeStation V3.2.3 Update

Joann Huang

Aug 29, 2020
27th Dec 2021----[Update] CubeStation V3.2.3 Update

Dear all Valued Users,

We're receiving a lot of feedback for the Cube Station App and all of it was valued. We're fixed it and uploaded it to the Google Play store at the end of last week.


  • 1. Fixed Android 11 or above system users download problem;
  • 2. Fixed the network instability during use;
  • 3. Optimize the newly loaded page;
  • 4. Optimize other Network issues;
Some models can receive update notifications from the app store. Please re-download/update the new one from Google Play/ App Store(IOS & Android)/CubeStation Website if didn't receive the notifications.

Note: All data is stored in the cloud. Uninstall /install/update Cube Station APP would delete your data.

Thanks for your continuous support.Welcome any suggestion and We believe that Cube Station App would be better in our joint efforts.

GANCUBE Service Team
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