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Type C clarification


Dec 10, 2008
I see that a lot of people are confused by all these type Cs, so here i am to clear things up a little.

So far there are 5 different versons of the Type C-I. I'd like to call them ver. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5. However, they could be classified into 4 kinds: Regular type C, original type C, Retooled type C, and Type C 1.5. one thing that you should keep in mind is that they are almost exactly the same, the only difference is the centers.

Original Type C (1.1 and 1.2):
The Original type C is kind of rare now, it is the first one that came out. these have plastic washers and center caps identical to the Rubik's DIY. The caps on Ver. 1.1 does not fit properly on the center, and the ones on ver. 1.2 are loose (just like the original Rubik's DIY). The Original Type C used to be referred as the "Rubik's DIY clone", as the pieces are extremely similar.
(PS: Ver. 1.1 have brown cores)

Regular Type C (1.3):
The regular type C is the improved verson of the Original type C, they have metal washers and much sturdier centercaps; The corner caps are a bit loose (falls off if you drop it on the ground). most of the Transparent and colored type Cs are this kind.

Retooled Type C (1.4):
the Retooled Type C is pretty much the same as the normal one, but it has indents on the corner of each centerpiece which makes the caps easier to remove. I'm not quite sure about the color choice available, but it seems that most of the colors are now available in this verson.
(First discovered by fanwuq)

Type C 1.5:
And lastly, the type C 1.5. these have completely different centerpieces from the previous type Cs. They looks almost exactly like JSK (japanese speedcube kit), which have tabs on the caps to hold them onto the center piece. They also have tiny indents on the sides of the centerpiece. The caps are usually very hard to remove, but it loosens up over time and becomes a bit wobbly, though it still doesn't falls off.

here are some pictures of these cube:

from left to right: Type C 1.5, Retooled Type C, Normal Type C

Type C 1.5

Retooled Type C (this one i put C4U hardwares on. if you want a full type C just imagin it with Black screws. i'm sure you can do it, i believe in you!)

Regular Type C

left is Retooled and Regular Type C's, and right is Type C 1.5's

Left: Original Type C
Right: Regular and retooled type C (picture from Maru Cubershop's Blog)

Retooled Type C

List of color choice for each verson:

1.1: Black, Glow White, Green, and Orange-ish Yellow
1.2: Blue, White, Transparent Blue, Yellow-ish Glow White , Black-ish Glow White, Black, Glow White, Green, Yellow
1.3: to-do...
1.4: to-do...
1.5: to-do...
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Feb 27, 2009
My miniC has the retooled "openings" at the corners of the caps, is that normal?


Dec 10, 2008
Is the "retooled type c" the same as the second model type c that camcuber sells?
i dunno. the black one in his shop is CII, but the white one is CI

btw guy, although these cubes have different names, they're still called type C I