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Type A will change name to Haiyan's cube.

Jan 16, 2009
I have send 320 cubes as gift. At least 320 cubers get this cube.Becauses the cost of the shipment is so expensive I have to give the cube to competition and most of the competitor can get the cubes. Also I provided 1$ cubes in my shop, actrually the man who want it only need pay the cost of ups+1$.I will give some to individual after I move house about 5 days.
Haiyan’s cube have released . You can buy it from Http://cubehaiyan.com. It is my cube store and it is the Haiyan’s cube official wholesale center. Also, it is the Chinese cube wholesale center. There have many kind of cube made in China.
The Haiyan’s cube – Haiyan is designed by me. I wish you like it. You can buy it from here.
I have supported 240 cubes as prize to 6 competition hold in the world: Denmark , France, Melbourne Summer Open 2010 , South Texas Open 2010, Chicago Open 2010 and another competition will hold in American.
I have promised to give some cube to some friends here. I will send it to you in 7 days. I never forget to give you.

There have another type of Haiyan’s cube will released in 2 months. This cube is called Haiyan’s cube – Memory. Actually the prototype of the cube is Type A V .When the Type A V was released, I tested it and gave may ideas. The factory has changed the mould 4 times according to my advice. Recently the factory has designed a new mould of the corner according to my advice. It will release in 2 months.

I have use this cube broke 3*3 blindfolded world record 4 times and also broke the Guiness World Records. In memory of my world record ,Type A V will change name to Haiyan’s cube – Memory when the new mould released.

Type A V is not so fluent, I found if I polish the edge of the corner to circular bead, the cube become very fluent and very fast and it even never pop. I think it is one of the best cubes in the world. But the man who does not know how to polish it will think it is not a good cube. In order to make it a best cube, I have told the factory to product a new mold of corner so that no one need polish it anymore.

I have support some Haiyan’s cube – Memory to some competition, The man who have got it, can you give some evaluation about it,? No matter bad or good. Normally it takes me one hour to polish only one Haiyan’s cube – Memory. So I think only I can call it Haiyan’s cube – Memory now. Others are Type A V or Haiyan’s cube – V. People who want buy the Haiyan’s cube – Memory can buy it from here. http://cubehaiyan.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=167&productname=
It is assembled and polished by me. I bet it is the best cube. You can use it get your best speed.

I want give some Haiyan’s cube – Haiyan as gift to other friends here, but the cost of ups is so expensive. So I think people who want get this cube can only pay 1$+ups cost, then you can get one Haiyan’s cube – Haiyan. Please write the color you want and write you want Haiyan. I will support 10 Haiyan’s cube – Haiyan. You can pay it from the wholesale link:
Wish everybody like my cube. Thank you very much.

One people only can buy one 1$ Haiyan's cube.

New Type A will change name to Haiyan's cube.The new type of type A is desigened by me. It will be named as Haiyan's cube-Haiyan.
Before the type A cube was famous in china.I took part in the design and testing work. Actrually I provide many proposal.
The designer(the boss) of type A and me designed a new type of cube.I provide many idea.He designed the cube according to my idea.We wish this cube can be the best cube of Type A. We will named it as Haiyan's cube-Haiyan
For the convenience of the cuber in the world to know the cube.We change name of the new cube to Haiyan's cube.
I think everybody will get the new cube in 15 days or so.I am tesing the cube now.I wish I can use the cube desigened by myself to break the WR.
After finished testing ,I will give some haiyan's cube as gift to many friends here. I wish many cuber in different country can get the new cube.
I wish you like it.Wait for my good news.



I think 100 cubes as gift is not enough now. I will support more cubes .
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Jul 26, 2009
I'm anxious to try it, I want to be the first person in Spain to have one :p, so I can make a review in the Spanish forum.

Thanks for your work!


Premium Member
Jul 11, 2009
Edmonton, Canada
I can't wait for the new cube. Sounds like it's going to be great!
I do like the name Hai Yan's cube better than Type A. Makes more sense to have them named after the maker.