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[ER] Tymon Kolasiński 4.11 3x3 Single


Oct 26, 2019
the sky, flying south for the winter
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U2 L2 R2 D' B2 R2 F2 U R2 D2 B' D2 R' F D' B2 U L B2 U'

z' y2 // inspection
U D' L R F R' D R' U R D // xcross
U d R U' R' // 2nd pair
U R' U' R L' U' L // 3rd pair
d' U' F' U' F U U R U' R' // 4th pair
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This is a great 4.11 solve by Tymon, which breaks Lukas Shelley’s 4.42 from earlier this year. It’s also now the 3rd fastest official single in the world behind Yusheng Du’s 3.47 and Ruihang Xu’s 4.06. He also got a 4.40 in the round before this, which will be tied for the 8th fastest result. Congrats to Tymon!
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