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trianglescube/Triangles_are_cubers' progression thread

Sep 18, 2019
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Hey! Sorry about my clock progression thread dying down, i just didn't find the motivation to practice or post about it. This will be about my overall progression instead of focusing on one event.

Some goals that I will update as I progress:


Sub-20 at OH- method: Roux w/ 2-look CMLL n a couple ergonomic 1looks
PB Single: 13.98 ao5: 18.09 ao12: 20.62 global: 23

Sub 1:00 at Megaminx: Westlund S2L w/ 4LLL
PB Single: 1:06.xx ao5: 1:13.39 ao12: 1:15.05 global: 1:20

Sub 5 at Pyra- L4E or Top First (Keyhole and Oka)
PB Single: 2.44 ao5: 4.03 ao12: 4.78 global: 6


Planning to learn Full CMLL excluding Sune + Antisune (3x3) (currently know all U + L cases well, know all T cases but need practice n a few Pi cases)

Planning to pick up from where I left off learning CLL (2x2)
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