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Trading Or Selling - Gan 356X, MF3RS2, YLM M Square-1, Angstrom Lubes, And More!


Aug 17, 2019
Hello everyone! I have no need for these cubes anymore, so I'm selling them. They're all basically new condition because I got them a few years ago, but never really used them. I would like to trade or sell these cubes. If you're interested in one of these, leave a comment with which puzzle you want and an offer. I'm doing these for cheap because they're just sitting on my shelf uselessly. You can also PM me if you want pictures of the cubes.
- Gan 356x Stickerless
- YLM M Square-1
- Angstrom Gravitas And Dignitas
- Gold Shengshou Mirror Cube
- MF3RS2 Stickerless
- MoYu Weilong WR M Black - SOLD
- Circular Rubiks Void Cube
- Mefferts Gear Ball
- Rubiks Twist