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Trading 65$ SpeedCubeShop Gift Card for 45$ Cubicle.us Gift Card (All prices in USD)

Aug 26, 2017
Hello there!

I have a 65$ gift card for SpeedCubeShop, and I wanted to trade it for a 45$ gift card for TheCubicle.us. The reason I wanted to trade my SCS gift card is that TheCubicle.us offers better shipping where I live (I'm not in the U.S) compared to SCS, and I already have another Cubicle.us gift code which I wanted to combine with my SCS gift code. Since I can't combine the SCS and Cubicle gift codes, I would be willing to trade my 65$ SCS code for a 45$ Cubicle code.

Please reply to this thread if you are interested :)
email: [email protected]


Dec 20, 2019
I have a $20 cubicle voucher, which I can trade with you for a $65 scs voucher.